Friday, March 11, 2016

Currently Loving: Round Sunglasses

I've mentioned it before, but I just adore the 1970's as a fashion era. The patchwork skirts, the bold-patterned everything, scarves, suede, bell bottoms, fringe bags, bell sleeves, mini skirts and dresses...I could go on. But one of my all time favorite trends of the 70's that has made its way back around is round sunglasses.

Aren't they just lovely?! I'm lusting after that pair in the first picture, I just love the frames. It's odd because when I was younger, I used to despise large, round sunglasses. Now they are probably my favorite type! 

And finally, these are my two pride and joys. Well, one pair is John's because he too, loves round sunglasses. I think he likes them because they make him look like a mad scientist, haha. Whatever the reason, I'm all for it because I get to borrow his sunglasses! 

His are the pair with the octagon frames from Urban Outfitters, and mine are the plain black ones from Versona. With the weather warming up, I will be on the hunt for some new ones this spring. I'm going to try to venture out of my "just black" comfort zone this time. 

What's your favorite silhouette for sunglasses? 


Couture Carrie said...

So fab! Especially loving the Philip Lim ones!


Christina said...

I am into them too. I bought a cheap pair at H&M or something two years ago and my friends made fun of me. Now look! Everyone wants them! Haha! I really like the Victoria Beckham ones. Or the white Philip Lims. But let's be honest, I'll probably buy the F21 ones. LOL!

Erika Sorocco said...

I am so digging this trend for spring/summer! I actually just spotted a pair at Nordstrom for $12 - I may need to snatch them up!


Elle Sees said...

i wonder if my grandmother still has hers. there are some awesome pics of her in them!

Abby Abby said...

I've always admired them on other people, but my face is so round that I can never pull them off! Love the frames you picked out!


Gitta Witzel said...

Great collection dear !!! I'm also currently in love with these type of sunglasses :)

x Gitta I

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