Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TwoKraftyChicks and Target Giveaway!

Giveaway time! Finally! So as I've mentioned before, TwoKraftyChicks on Etsy sent some adorable planner items over to use in a giveaway back in May. At the time, I was moving and the items got lost in the move and I finally found them! Yay!

The bad news is, some of the items got a little damaged. One of the paperclip bookmarks broke, and a couple of the stickers are a little damaged as well. Only a couple are damaged, and the ones that are a still very useable, but I felt I should warn you.

I felt horrible, I went to Target and bought some more goodies to go along with the things TwoKraftyChicks sent over!

And apologies for the horrible photos. It was a particularly gloomy day but I had to get the photos taken, and I could't take them outside like I normally would.

From TwoKraftyChicks, you will get: 

1 pagemarker
3 washi tape samples
6 sheets of stickers 
1 mini sheet of stickers

^ That's the worst of the damage. Sorry everyone! :(

And from Target, you will be receiving:

1 padfolio
1 pack of notecards
1 roll of washi tape
1 pack of paperclips

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the washi tape is like a cotton-candy pink and white striped.

I was contemplating getting a planner for the giveaway (because that would make sense) but I know some people are picky about what type of planner they like (I know I am). Even though it may be handy for some people to have more than one planner, many people don't need two, so I figured everyone could get use out of a simple notepad! I mean we all write things down, right? And this is one freaking cute notepad. And once you've gotten use out of the notepad included inside this padfolio, you can always go to Office Depot or Target, buy another, and continue on.

You have until 1/20 to enter!

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Good luck!


Alina Rohrer said...

Wow! You've got some amazing stuff there.

Alina Rohrer said...

For me, it is essential to color code everything so I always need my pack of Stabilo pens :)

Erica House said...

Very cute haul!

Linda said...

My pens are essential! But I love using washi and stickers as well (:

Ericka said...

Lots of color to keep everything straight!!

aiyahinochi said...

My sticky notes are my essentials. It's because I have so much task to do daily, and not enough space to write it down onto my agenda. I should be switch to a vertical layout planner, but I'm so comfortable with a horizontal layout planner. It would throw me off if I switch, therefore I'm sticking with my sticky notes :D

Mary Joyce Alcantara said...

My stickers are my essentials ever since because it helps me to remember what should I do every day. And it's so cute, it also gives color to my planner. My other essentials are, of course my washi tapes to decorate my planner and clip that I used for bookmarking.Yayy! :)

Sulieen Ayala said...

I love sticky notes! But lately all I want is stickers! Lol thanks for the chance!

The Siberian American said...

Love the items! Everything is super cute!

katelyn glynn said...

I am a sucker for cutie pens!

ajhna said...

Pens are essential. I use them to color code and break up the mundaneness

Abby Abby said...

I could use these to make my office look happier haha!