Monday, December 28, 2015

Article Archive & Christmas Update

Just thought I'd share the articles I've written for other websites since July. These websites include College Fashion, Every College Girl, and The Odyssey.

It would mean a lot to me if you would read, give feedback, share, etc. I love knowing people read my articles! 

College Fashion

Every College Girl 

The Odyssey

As you can hopefully tell I've been hard at work. My internship at College Fashion just ended so I have a little bit more free time. 

I got a makeup palette for Christmas that I want to write a quick review on at some point soon.

 I have a camera that takes passable pictures, but I cannot for the life of me decide if I want to spend my Christmas money on a new camera or on some other things I've had my eye on. It's not like I do super in-depth beauty reviews all the time so I don't need a crazy expensive camera. Oh, decisions. 

Christmas was kind of low key this year. John had some horrible tooth problems that were so bad he/I couldn't sleep. Apparently he grinds his teeth during the night and has caused some nerve damage that is unbearably painful, if I remember correctly? He didn't know what was going on and called his dentist the day after Christmas and they met in his office. Dentist did some grinding down on his teeth (ow). 

I don't remember all the details, but the bottom line: if you grind your teeth at night, get a mouth guard or you will want to fling yourself off a building eventually. 

But the food and wine was good. My mom's dog that we were dog-sitting was good. All around a good Christmas! 

How was your Christmas? 

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