Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Problem is Bigger Than Shark Finning

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone has had a lovely few weeks lately. I'm finally on a break from school, praise that lawd. I can catch up on life now.

Before I get back to my fashion-y posts, I just wanted to share an issue that's important to me, and that is the rapid decline in shark populations lately. The issue that everyone seems to be focusing on is shark finning, which definitely is a problem, but shark finning is getting all of the publicity but it isn't the only problem and certainly not the biggest.

The demand for shark meat has gone up (even though shark fin demand has gone down), but the issue of shark fishing gets little to no attention. I'm trying to draw attention to that issue so that something can be done about it. You can read more about it here in an article with more detail I wrote for The Odyssey.

Brutal image, eh? Seriously though, spread the word, read up, there are plenty of articles and information online about what could happen if sharks do go extinct (and some species are at risk for that). 

And remember, #sharklivesmatter.

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