Tuesday, August 11, 2015

International Delight Coffee Creamer Review

Weird post, I know. And I know ya'll are probably tired of hearing about my Keurig but I just love it so much. I'm eager to try tons of different coffee flavors and coffee creamer combos. 

I think we can all agree that powdered coffee creamer is terrible. I prefer half-and-half for my coffee, but I've been using almond milk lately (in my tea too, don't judge me). Recently John has discovered that he likes International Delight Coffee Creamers, which are all flavored. 

The first one we tried was French Vanilla, which is way to sweet for me if I want to drink a whole cup. For a few sips, ok fine it's tasty. But for a whole cup, nope. If you put boat loads of sugar and creamer in your coffee, you might like this. 

We just got the Sweet Cream and I do like this one. Since they are all flavored, Sweet Cream seemed like the closest thing possible to regular coffee creamer. It smells very similar to the French Vanilla so I'm not sure why I like this one more. 

I've also tried the Caramel Macchiato flavor, and I like that one as well. You can definitely taste the caramel flavor and it doesn't taste like you just dumped a whole bag of sugar in it (like French Vanilla).

The thing I do love about these - you don't have to add sugar (unless you really want to, and if you do, you might want to reevaluate your daily sugar intake). Somehow I always manage to spill a little bit of sugar on the counter and on the floor, and no matter how much I try to clean it I will be stepping in sugar for the next couple of days.

I went on the website just to all of the flavors, and I'm kind of shocked at how many there are. The Harris Teeter by my house doesn't carry all of them, but I really want to try the Cinnabon flavor because I freaking love cinnamon.

Overall thoughts: Very sweet, so add a tiny bit and then add more if needed. If you don't like your coffee too sweet, stay away. You don't have to add any additional sugar, which I like. They're good if you want to switch up your coffee one day/morning, but I don't think I could use them every single day. That being said, I would recommend trying almond milk in your coffee, it's pretty tasty. 

Have you tried any of these? I'm curious now but I don't want to commit to buying a whole bottle of something if I'm not going to like it. Let me know! 


Couture Carrie said...

Honest and thorough reviews thx!


Erika Sorocco said...

YAY! I'm not the only one who disliked the French Vanilla flavor - I had to return it, it was horrible!


Natalia Gutierrez said...

I would prefer cinnamon too... even though I'm not much into creamers

Natalia | Lindifique