Sunday, August 23, 2015

Classes Begin Tomorrow!

I really can't decide if I like my text centered or to the left. Let me know your opinions por favor.

Classes start tomorrow! I'm taking 3 classes (2 if you don't count my required computer class). And hopefully 4 starting in October. Textbooks are obnoxiously expensive, luckily I have one of John's old textbooks to use and his brother and I are sharing a math textbook (he might not know that yet, but we will).

I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but Samson has gotten huge! He's still not even a year old yet. He is a living alarm clock, every morning at 7:30 am he comes in and whines and jumps on the bed until we wake up. He doesn't sleep with us every night so we do get to sleep in sometimes at least.

I finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I'm currently reading The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I enjoyed Gone Girl a lot, I'm going to try to write a review on it later this week. Has anyone read either of those? I've heard good things about Hitchhiker's Guide. 

John has never watch American Horror Story so we started watching Murder House last night. It's on Netflix, thank god. Murder House was my favorite, but I haven't seen Freakshow yet.


There isn't much more to update, other than my posts might be sparse. Wish me luck on my first day of classes!

What's new with you all? And let me know what you think about the text alignment, I can't decide!


Elle Sees said...

good luck on your first week of classes! woo hoo!!

Natalia Gutierrez said...

Have a great first day! I really never buy the books required for school, I just go to the library and basically sleep there sometimes. No one said getting a degree was easy

Natalia | Lindifique

Britt said...

Good luck with classes! American Horror Story is a fave at my house; Asylum is our fave so far!

Christina said...

Good luck at school! I read and loved Gone Girl! I like all Gillian Flynn's books, but the other two are much darker. I only watched the first season of AHS, but plan to watch Hotel when it comes out. I might have to go back and watch other seasons.