Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Favorites

We did it everybody! We made it through the heat of July...barely. That means it's time for July favorites! Woohoo! 
Since I've been out of the state and basically in the woods and the water for the whole month, my favorites aren't very exciting and not very beauty or fashion related. I will say though, not having to do my hair and makeup everyday was pretty great. 

July Favorites 2015

1. My iPad - Since I've been spending a lot of time in the car and in the middle of nowhere with no service, my iPad has been my best friend. I finished a book and started reading some other short stories here and there, now I have to decide what book I want to read next.

2. Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Bronzer - Bronzer has always intimidated me. Now that I've done a little research on how to actually do proper contouring and highlighting, I love it. I'm shocked at the difference it can make when you do it correctly. 

3. Tazo Iced Passion Tea K-Kups - I got a Keurig and I'm OBSESSED. I'm not even much of a coffee drinker, but John is. I got some Tazo tea K-Kups in the iced passion flavor. Add a splash of lemonade and you have yourself an iced passion tea lemonade! They're expensive though, which is the only downside I've seen so far. 

4. Camelbak Forge Mug - When we went zip lining we bought water bottles that we could attach to the harnesses since we would be out for ~3 hours. It's designed for hot beverages, but I use it as a water bottle every day. It's durable as shit, insulated, and vacuum sealed. It really does. not. spill. I've tried it for what little coffee I drink since getting the Keurig and it keeps it hot. After a while I have to take the top off to let it cool down otherwise I'd have to wait 2 hours to drink my coffee. Also expensive, but worth it so far I think. 

5. My Raybans - I've spent too much time in the sun this month, and my eyes have thanked me for protecting them. Most of the time at least. 

6. Elle - No they aren't sponsoring me. John subscribed me to Elle and Teen Vogue so I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from there lately. Also good for long car rides. 

7. Covergirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner - I got this in a VoxBox and I didn't do a review on it because I'm not familiar enough with liquid liner to give a fair review. I've been practicing my winged eyeliner though and it's been good to me. The tip isn't as thin as I'd like but you can turn it for a thin line and a thick line. Just not as thin as I'd like. 

Sorry they weren't very exciting this month, hopefully next month I'll have a few better ones. If you have a Keurig, get the Iced Passion Tazo Tea K-Kups and add a little bit of lemonade with it. It's a great summer drink! 

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What are you loving this month? 


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Couture Carrie said...

Must try that bronzer!


Erika Sorocco said...

That bronzer sounds yum! I'm still iffy on bronzer application, but I love to highlight. This month I've been adoring the Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Highlighter - it's incredible!!


Miss Caitlin S. said...

I always forget about Keurig tea! We have a keurig and I seriously forever forget to buy tea for it. Which is dumb because it's so good!

Beauty Editer said...

Great post! Love this a lot.

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