Sunday, May 3, 2015

Have a Little Cinco de Mayo Get Together!

Cinco de Mayo is in 2 days! I've never had a big party for Cinco de Mayo, but a little get together with your best friend tequila and the rest of your group sounds more like fun. I imagine having a big party and lots of tequila could go very wrong very fast.

Cinco de Mayo

Everything you need is easy to get last minute. 
Something you should consider getting this summer: an underwater camera! I really like pool pictures, if you can get your hair to cooperate they look awesome. 

Of course you can't have Cinco de Mayo without margaritas and nachos! Rosemary lemon margaritas are delicious. The girls over at The Sequin Notebook put the idea of a DIY nacho bar in my head. Why have I never thought of that before? 

Do you have any Cinco de Mayo plans? 


jeanne christine said...

Those pieces look lovely. Celebrating cinco de mayo that way definitely sounds amazing.

Elle Sees said...

i hosted a tequila tasting one year and yesterday i had guacamole wars. my team lost!

Erika Sorocco said...

That Underwater Camera though!