Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Friday! Weekend Picks

Happy Friday loves! 

The weekend is finally here! I think it's fair to treat yourself to some shopping this weekend for making it through the week, right? Especially if you completed the water only goal. I failed :( I'll try again this week/weekend though. 

But really it's time to stock up on spring and summer clothes, so start this weekend! 

Express Weekend Picks

Express is having some pretty good sales right now. Those sandals are only $20 and they have a ton of other colors. Shorts and Skorts are buy 1 get one 50% off, so if you need any shorts for the summer now's the time to get 'em. And of course my favorite accessory in the world (scarves) are all 50% off. 

Forever21 Weekend Picks

Forever21 has some insanely cheap swimsuits if you need or want a new one this year. Of course you can get your trendy sunglasses on sale there as well. Another thing you might not think of when you're shopping for summer - a cute beach towel. It's kind of been instinct for me to grab a ratty old towel or bathroom towel for the beach, but when I was on vacation last year I bought a shark towel that I adore. You all know how much I heart sharks! 

H&M Weekend Picks

BLACK LACE SHORTS! Ahhhh! Ok I'm seriously considering going to H&M tomorrow to get those. If you read my last post (Inspired by Jelly Bellys) then you know I'm in the market for some cute black lace shorts. Only $22! I've never really looked at the H&M home items but they have some super cute paper cups if you're planning on having a summer get together! 

Ultra Weekend Picks

Last but not least - Ulta! PSA: CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES! It's disgusting to see how much gunk comes off. Brush cleaner probably isn't something you think of getting when you're on a beauty run, so make sure you don't forget. Don't forget eyeshadow primer, too. Oily eyelids + hot/humid summer = insanely creased shadow. 

So I'm going to be a bad influence on you this weekend. Treat yourself! Even if it's just a $4 headband. Make yourself a drink, relax, and enjoy the weather (hopefully it's good where you are). Hope you all have a good weekend, and congrats on getting through the week! 

Drink water.

Are you going to treat yourself to something this weekend? Are you all stocked up on your summer clothes? 


Couture Carrie said...

Amazing picks, especially at H&M!


jeanne christine said...

Lots of lovely items! The one from H&M is my favorite.

Erika Sorocco said...

I would never survive without Forever 21 and Ulta - total faves!


B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

I'm loving that Forever 21 bikini! It can take awhile to dig through everything there but there are some great finds.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

ooo, I really like those F21 shades! I had no idea they had stuff like that right now.

Elle Sees said...

that brush cleaner is on the blog tomorrow! love it!