Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Paper Planners & Journals

If you have a smart phone/tablet that you carry with you regularly, you already have a digital planner at your fingertips. Digital planners are so easy and convenient to use! They can sync basically your whole life with one tap. Being able to set alarms and reminders is also a huge plus.

It's probably just me, but for some reason I really miss having a physical planner. Journals too. Just something to write/doodle/brainstorm ideas in, or just something to jot down a quick idea.
 It also sucks when you need to add an event or check your calendar and one or both of your devices are dead.  

I'm partial to hand writing things (don't know why). You can color code on most digital planners, but I like highlighting things and putting stars and stickers next to important things in paper planners. I had shark stickers all over one of my planners to make sure I never missed "shark week" every month. 
And they are just so darn cute. 

Paper Planners & Journals

You also have an excuse to buy ridiculously adorable stickers, washi tape, bookmarks, etc.

I never had any washi tape but I see I missed out because it's so cute. Washi tape can be used several different ways. The way I've seen it used most often is for marking several days in a row in your planner, if you're going on vacation for 5 days for example.
You can get stickers for literally anything - shark week, when to take pills, a water tracker, events, workout, pay day, bill due, etc. Just make sure you use them wisely and not make your planner too hectic. Of course a book mark is a necessity. You can buy cute little decorative ones or you can use a simple paperclip.

Planner Accessories

Seriously though look at those stickers. Who would ever think a bill due date would look so pretty?

I've gone through 2 Moleskine notebooks (pink ones!) and now I'm halfway through another note/sketchbook right now. I used them to practice writing with my fountain pens, practice calligraphy, doodle, write lists and blog ideas, write when I can't sleep, and anything else really.

So lovelies, do you still use a physical planner? Or are you strictly digital? What about notebooks? Let me know - I'm curious to see if I'm the only one left!


Couture Carrie said...

So pretty!


Elle Sees said...

i'm pretty much a plain planner girl. but i love, love, love, looking at all of the stickers and arrows and accessories. i think the picking out the things would be the best part!!

Erika Sorocco said...

Le sigh...I'm such a sucker for a pretty planner - love the accessories you found!


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