Monday, March 23, 2015

Summer Lust List Part 1: Shoes

Since I don't really have any spare spending money right now, I'm just going to gawk at things that I want. Maybe a secret Santa (Easter Bunny?) will see this and leave some at my door. A girl can dream.

Target never fails to have the cutest clothes and shoes at reasonable prices. I need some shoes other than flats to wear this spring/summer and these are just perfect. I LOVE the gladiator look, so I'll also be looking for some gladiator flats. These look super comfortable, but looks can be deceiving. They also come in black, yay!

Also from Target. I LOVE the beaded style on these. I could see myself wearing these with my black maxi dress. It shrunk a little so you can just barely see the shoes I'm wearing with it, especially when I sit. But really you could wear these with anything, I'd probably go with a flowy dress or skirt. 

Last one from Target, I swear (though I could probably do an entire blog post on just Target shoes). I only have one pair of flats suitable for summer, because the rest are beyond dirty or falling apart. These are cute, casual, and you can wear them with almost anything. They also come in white, leopard print, a few different neutral colors, and a light snakeskin. 

Picasso much? I tend to lean towards blacks and dark blues, so my goal for the summer is to add as much color as possible. Pretty simple, but I like the geometric shape. They also come in a dark blue/light blue combination, but like I said, color is key this summer. 

Nine West also never fails me, but they are also a lot more expensive than Target. I LOVE this purple color, they give a little height and have a peep toe. Like I said, I'm trying my hardest to stay away from black. Also comes in black, green, and neutral. 

I just need new rain boots. I'm ok with black in this case because I will need to be able to wear them with literally anything if the skies open up. They also come in grey and red. 

Look at them! Do I need to explain? This is high up on my lust list, probably just because of the price. They are Giuseppe Zanotti shoes but you can buy them on Bluefly for a lot less. True for most designer shoes, actually. Ah well, I'll dream of these tonight. 

I could go on and on with just shoes, but I'll stop here. More lust lists to come. Feel free to send in pictures of your favorite spring and summer shoes, I'm hoping to do a post on that as well. 

What shoes are you lusting after right now? Are you leaning towards colors or neutrals? Flats or heels? Let me know, have a great day! 

*click on the link under the pictures if you want to go to the website and purchase them (which I will be insanely jealous of). 


Elle Sees said...

yay! you're back! love those target striped flats. super cute choices.

Erika Sorocco said...

Welcome back lovely!

How cute are those Target Wedges though?!


Rachel Dinh said...

Great Choices! When the season changes, I always feel like getting new shoes.

Carmen Varner said...

I really really need to visit Target ASAP. I can't believe I've been missing out on their awesome shoes!

:] // ▲ ▲

Allison said...

I always forget how many cute shoes Target has - thanks for reinspiring me, lady!