Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Monday!

By the time this post is up, Monday will be almost over! Or at least halfway over. You've gotten this far, good job! 
This post is just a little motivation and a little update from yours truly. 

I'm in the library right now with the boyfriend in between classes. He's studying for Spanish and I'm blogging/deciding what to write about tomorrow. I need an opinion. Since I've started blogging, I've written with my text starting on the left. Recently (like this post and my other most recent Lilly and Target post), I've written with center text. Any opinions on which looks better? I can't decide! 

I'm in the process of cleaning out my sidebars of places to shop and blogs to read. Some blogs don't exist anymore, same with the shops. Send me any cool blog or shop links and I'll check them out. 

Be on the lookout for a giveaway soon too. I tweeted about this before but I swear I get more excited about giveaways than ya'll do. I've also realized my southern charm has been coming out and I've been saying "ya'll" way too much. Sorry! 

Have ya'll (see?) seen The Usual Suspects? My boyfriend and I watched it for the first time yesterday because I had never seen it and it was SO GOOD! If you haven't seen it you should really watch it. He, of course, hasn't seen my favorite movie. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in case I haven't mentioned it before. It's one of those movies I can watch over and over again and not get tired of. I love the book too. I'm in the middle of reading some of Hunter S. Thompson's essays. I'd highly recommend reading some if you haven't already. I really like the way he writes (Gonzo journalism), and nobody else has really been able to capture it as well as he does. Seriously, read the book, then watch the movie. 

Hmmm...I can't really think of much else to say. I'm going to try to be an actual fashion blogger and post pictures of outfits I'm wearing. The trouble is getting good photos and finding someone to take them. If you have any tips for taking good fashion/outfit photos, please let me know! 

Well, I guess that's all for now. How has your Monday been so far? Have you read or seen Fear and Loathing? Also, pretty pretty please give me any tips on taking good fashion photos. Have a good day! 


Christina said...

Those donuts look delicious! The Usual Suspects is so good! I haven't seen Fear and Loathing in years. I should watch it again!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Those donuts! I need one in my life!

Couture Carrie said...

Looooove The Usual Suspects!


Kizzy Von Doll said...

Donuts sound good just now!! And the Usual Suspects is a favourite movie :) xx

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

I haven't seen The Usual Suspects in years, but you're making me want to watch it again this weekend! Also, I'm constantly in the same debate about where to place font...I've been placing it center lately, though I think some posts still look better starting on the left.