Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Inspired by: Summer Fruits

I'm on a roll so far with my blog posts! I may even be doing too many (more than one a day), I'm just too excited to be blogging again I can't wait to post an idea when it comes into my head!

I was in H&M with one of my best friends about a week ago, and I realized that they had a LOT of clothes with watermelon and banana patterns on them. Bananas are my favorite fruit (and word, for some reason :P ), so I had to get a makeup bag with bananas all over it. I use it to hold my art pencils for when I draw though, not makeup. Anyway, I was inspired to create some outfits inspired by fruit to get even more into the summer mood. Hope you all enjoy! :)

1. Blue Raspberry
Blue Raspberry

I always found it strange that candy companies would name flavors "blue raspberry"…because that's not a fruit. Blueberries and raspberries are fruits (well, berries), but blue raspberries don't exist as far as I know! Nevertheless, I think the combination of blue and a raspberry color make an awesome color combination! I thought the little green earrings were a cute accent to represent the stems and leaves of blueberries and raspberries. I will definitely be rocking my blue dresses this summer, I just need to find some more raspberry-esque colored accessories!

2. Go Bananas!
Go bananas!

This outfit is my favorite out of the three, but I'm biased because I love bananas. The little banana shoulder bag is just too cute for words! This can easily be worn by anyone, most of the basic elements you probably already have in your wardrobe, with the exception of the banana bag. The shoes could also be switched out for some sandals or flats.

3. Mellow Watermelon
Mellow Watermelon

I would order that skirt in a heartbeat if I was tall enough to wear maxi skirts! It's such a perfect watermelon color, especially with the red crop top. I thought the necklace looked a little bit like watermelon seeds, which makes it even cuter. Again, the shoes can be subbed for heels for us shorties. I just wanted to keep them neutral here because the main focus is on the more "in your face" colors.

What's your favorite fruit this summer? Post or send me pictures of an outfit you made inspired by a fruit (or berry)! Also try and check out H&M's fruit patterned clothes and accessories, they're so cute! I'm going to go back for that banana bag!

**ALSO! I will be having a giveaway very soon, so stay tuned. I'll post on here with the official rules and such but I will also be announcing it on Twitter**


Couture Carrie said...

Love the watermelon look!


Elle Sees said...

you're back! yay!!! these are adorable.

Erika Sorocco said...

These are all so fun! The Go Bananas look is my fave!!


Bree Alwin said...

Love all of these outfits! The first is my favourite!