Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inspired by: Eeyore!

I'm back! I'm so sorry I started slacking on my blog, just like I suspected I would. I finally finished all of my college applications, so that's out of the way at least. Hopefully I'll be back on a regular posting schedule now that things are slowing down a bit.

But for now, a new "inspired by" post, inspired by Eeyore! :)

Inspired by: Eeyore

It's kind of hard not to think gloomy and grey when you hear "Eeyore". But he actually has a nice soft color scheme going on. He even has a cute pink bow on his tail. This outfit would be pretty perfect for a rainy day, or even a not rainy day! In order to keep the outfit from looking depressing, I added some soft colors and of course the sparkly Toms! :) And of course, the cute "fantasy" necklace from Disney Couture!

Eeyore #2

This outfit is a little darker for night time, but also has some soft accents like the first outfit. There are also some little Eeyore details, like the bow on the shoes and the teardrop necklace. That Dior eyeshadow palette also screams Eeyore colors to me.

Well that's it for this inspired by post. I think I'm going to do a lot on Disney characters because they are really fun and tend to have awesome color schemes and details to work with. I'm also going to try my hardest to not be a slacker (in my blogging life and school life) and get some more posts up more frequently! I'm so sorry it's taken me this long! Oh and I'm still going to do that Breakfast at Tiffany's book/movie comparison!

What is your favorite Disney character or Disney movie?


Arianne Cruz said...

i love it!!! is that a cardigan on the first one? im not good with clothing pieces.. it's beautiful!

MissCouture17 said...

Love those outfits, especially the Eeyore inspired one! Great to see you posting again.
xx, Kels

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Great outfits! love the sparkly Toms! So cute!
Night time outfit is HOT! Love those shoes!

The Urban Umbrella

Elle Sees said...

cutes!!! i hope you're doing better with school and all. let me know if you need any help.

Gemma-Louise said...

Awww I love this post. Two great outfits inspired by one of the cutest characters. xo

Joanne said...

This is adorable! I can't pick between the two outfit options.

I found your blog through Beautylish. :) I hope you visit my blog and follow back.

Joanne said...

Oh, I want to tell you that I've given you an award! :)

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Love the first blouse!