Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do You Drink Healthy Teas?

I'd love to drink less soda and more water/green tea/what have you. I'm sure you've all heard the benefits of green tea, so I probably don't need to go into that. But here's a brief summary:

As I've mentioned before, I used to be a subscriber to Eco Emi. Used to. I'm working a lot less now than I was in the summer because it is our slow season, but I plan to re-subscribe when I start getting more hours in. Either that or buy a gym membership, I haven't decided which yet.

Anyway, there are 2 things I can almost always expect in every box: lip balm and a tea of some sort. A healthy tea at that since it is Eco Emi.

I live in the south, so I grew up on sweet tea, VERY sweet tea. I've tried a few of the teas, I don't remember specifically which ones, and I could not drink them. I remember one was chamomile. I tried so hard to like it but I couldn't finish it.

I'm trying to get into drinking healthy herbal teas because I have pretty bad anxiety, and my mom does not think it's a good idea for me to go on medication, and some teas have been found to help with stress and anxiety.

Basically I'm curious to know: Do any of your drink "healthy" teas? As in, teas with actual health benefits? Can you stand to drink green tea? Do you sweeten them? Are they an acquired taste? Or is it a mind over matter thing? I need to know I'm not the only one here. I'm used to my super sweetened tea and that nastiness just isn't cutting it for me at the moment.


Lindsay said...

I love Bigelow green tea (peach flavored), and have a cup every morning. I was a green tea hater before I found this stuff. Yogi tea is excellent as well. No sugar needed!

ellinelle said...

..I love teas , I never drink tea made from tea bags , only Silkenty tea is great as they have special tea bags and tea inside is not just a dust ..
Currently I am drinking my Garden peppermint tea !

stringsandbuttons said...

I literally drink tea every single day! I love mine British-style aka with milk. I do miss Yogi Tea though!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I've recently converted to tea, chai green tea is a personal fave of mine.

shadesofsarah said...

I love tea! The worst thing about it is that it's usually a hot drink. Anyway, I love Lipton Green Tea with Mixed Fruit, green tea with mint, chamomile, and peach black tea. I usually sweeten my tea with 2 teaspoons sugar or 1 tablespoon agave nectar.

youlittlebeauty said...

I like green tea, especially green tea with jasmine, that's my favourite.
I've never had my tea/coffee sweet, so it's not a problem for me but I know a few friends have a teaspoon of honey dissolved in their green tea to make it more palatable for them, so try that :)

Elle Sees said...

i'm a sweet tea drinker too, but traveling in europe and australia made me love hot tea. still would rather have sweet tea a million times over any tea.

Maria said...

I absolutely love tea!

Though I prefer black tea, green tea is a great choice and I often drink it. It takes time to really appreciate it, but you just need to find the right tea for you and if possible drink it without sweeteners as it will decrease its health benefits.

I love Longjing tea! It is known as the queen of Chinese teas. Have you ever tried it?

It often calms me down when I feel stressed and it's a great weight loss tea!

I highly recommend it.

Maria said...
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