Monday, October 24, 2011

Products and Brands for Halloween Makeup

As you can probably tell from all of my Halloween related posts, I'm pretty freaking excited for Halloween this year! It's a few days after my 18th birthday and I actually did not wait until the last minute to get a costume and makeup this year. I found a few specific brands and products that you might want to check out if you're looking for some good makeup items, whether you're being a scary zombie or a pretty fairy.

1. L'Oreal HiP
As I said in a previous post, I'm being an alien this year, and I needed to find a lot of metallic and glittery silver makeup. I bought a silver eyeliner and one of their metallic shadow duos (in Platinum, if you were wondering). I was actually VERY impressed by both of these items. They are incredibly pigmented. The eyeshadow is exactly the opaque, metallic silver that I was looking for and the eyeliner is creamy and applies so easily. I haven't tried any other products from this line, but if they are up to par with these 2 then I would recommend checking them out.

Just a side note, I tested the eyeshadow before I got in the shower (no primer) and when I got out of the shower there was still a very nice amount of color and shadow on my eye.

2. NYX and LA Splash Glitter
This was also another "first" purchase from both of these brands (I got the Glitter on the Go by NYX and the Body/Face Glitter from LA Splash). Both of these products can be used on your face, body hair, nails, and anywhere else you want, and you get a very nice amount of product for a cheap price. I can't speak for the other glittery products from these brands though, because I haven't tried them. But if you're like me and you don't wear glitter a lot, these are great because they have a huge variety of colors and are very affordable. Just make sure you have a good glitter adhesive or primer (LA Splash has a really good one that's a lot cheaper than the Two Faced Glitter Glue, and from what I've read it works better too!).

3. Liquid latex (eyelash adhesive) and/or toilet paper
This is good if you are doing any sort of injury or zombie makeup. You can either just spread some liquid latex on your skin and kind of pick it apart and go over it with makeup, or apply the liquid latex to your skin, apply toilet paper over that, and then apply makeup on top of it all. Good makeup would be flesh tone makeup so it doesn't look like you just have toilet paper stuck to your face, fake blood, dark red lipstick, dark blue or purple eyeshadow (bruises), or food coloring.

4. Tape
Regular scotch tape or whatever you have at home will do. This is good if you need to do any sort of sharp or precise lines anywhere on your face. I used this trick a few years ago when I wanted a really dramatic, drawn up sharp cat eye look. It's pretty fierce.

5. Fishnet Stockings
I'm considering using these for my makeup but I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do yet. This can be used to create the effect of scales. All you have to do is cut a portion of the fishnet off, and spread it over wherever you want the scales to be. The only thing is, you can't pick up the stockings once you've started and place them again, because it would be extremely difficult to get all of those lined up perfectly. This would be especially good for a mermaid, alien, snake, or fish type of costume.

Example: (no, it's not me. she's gorgeous though!)

I promise I'll start doing non Halloween related posts soon, haha. I'm just too excited :) What are your Halloween plans?


That 20 Something Virgin. said...

that fishnet idea is so cool! i would totally do that if i was going to be a mermaid haha now i kind of want to!

Elle Sees said...

I'm doing glitter eyes on Friday. I used the nyx glitter liner and it worked great for only $6.