Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Inspiration: Where's Waldo?

I got the inspiration for this costume inspiration (hehe) from my mom, who needs a more toned down costume for work. Most costumes you will find at a Halloween store are probably not appropriate to wear to work or school or if you just aren't comfortable wearing anything too flashy.

Halloween Inspiration: Where's Waldo?

This costume is easy to create because you may already have some of the items in your closet, or you can reuse them on a regular basis if you have to buy new items. You're makeup can also be very neutral and easy, so you probably won't have to buy any new makeup for this either. This is perfect for work, if you don't want to spend a lot on a costume, or if you don't feel like going all out this Halloween!

Once again, let me know if you have any good costume ideas or what you are going to be this year :) Also, if you have a pet, do you dress your pet up for Halloween? If so, as what?


Arianne Cruz said...

that shirt looks great :D

Melanie said...

This is so cute! And such an easy costume too!

<3 Melanie @

JRuud said...

Ooo! Yes. I love the shirt and look at those shoes; I want!

Love the blog.

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

this is adorable

lrnshelby said...

That is a really cute idea for work! I have been trying to think of something toned down, where I would not look like a crazy person lol. This would be perfect, thank you for sharing!! Love it!


Josie said...

This is an ADORABLE idea!
xo Josie

Elle Sees said...

charlie is going as woody from toy story.
idk what im doing yet!

Raji said...

So cutee
I'd love to do this for halloween

Saphira Thenalia said...

wearing a black black as a costum on my halloween dear...hehe

Emily said...

Oh, this is an adorable idea! And I love that every piece is actually quite wearable. I adore the nerd glasses! And the fringe boots are gorgeous!