Friday, August 5, 2011

My Thoughts on Vita Coco Coconut Water

At the beginning of summer, I posted about my summer resolutions for this summer, and drinking coconut water was on the top of my list. After extensive (well, what I consider extensive) research and reading several reviews, Vita Coco seemed like the way to go for coconut water drinkers. Most said that it tasted sweet, kept them hydrated, and talked about other health benefits of drinking coconut water in general.

I went to GNC and picked up the Peach and Mango flavor. I stuck it in the fridge before work to chill it, and took it to work with me.

I happened to be running very late for work that day, and had to park far away because of some event that was going on. I literally had to RUN to work in the awful Charleston summer humidty/heat, wearing long pants. Being the out of shape bum that I am, under normal circumstances I would have passed out by the time I got to work and/or felt absolutely awful. Lucky for me, I had my coconut water and drank it on my run to work. I felt wonderfully hydrated when I got there. Just a little hot (thank god I work in an ice cream shop...) and a bit worn out.

However, it wasn't the taste I was expecting. Considering it was coconut water, with peach and mango mixed in, I was expecting it to taste fruity and sweet. But it tasted like...tomato juice, like V8. It didn't taste bad necessarily, but not what I was expecting. So the taste wasn't good but tolerable because of all of the benefits of coconut water.

By the end of my shift, I had gotten a HORRIBLE headache, which I assumed was just from the running. I had gotten tired of drinking my coconut water and decided to switch over to regular water. (I gave the rest of my coconut water to my coworker who LOVED the taste. So I guess it's an acquired taste?)

I went back to GNC and got 2 other flavors, the regular coconut water and one with acai berry.

Same thing with both flavors: I felt hydrated and healthy, if that makes sense. But the taste wasn't quite right and I got awful headaches both times.

Needless to say, I got tired of the headaches and after the third coconut water I realized I got them after drinking coconut water, so I stopped drinking them. As I thought, the headaches stopped after I gave up coconut water. I have an allergy to most fruit (nothing fatal, just itchy mouth, throat, lips, tongue, etc.), so maybe coconut water was no different for me. Someone suggested I may not be allergic to it but I have an intolerance to it, like some are lactose intolerant.

Final thoughts:
-If you go to the gym or play a sport and drink sports drinks like Gatorade, this could be a healthier alternative to keep you hydrated.
-The taste wasn't as fruity as I expected, but it wasn't too bad. Others love the taste.
-Had horrible headaches after drinking it.
-Other than keeping you hydrated, coconut water has many other health benefits.

Do you or have you had coconut water before? Did you like the taste? What did you like/dislike about it?


Jen said...

I had the same one and got the same headache. It was terrible. I have sworn off coconut water all together now lol.

Lila said...

I absolutely love Coconut water. I've only tried regular and the pineapple flavor and I loved them both. I never got headaches though, so I drink it regularly.

Arielle said...

Hey, Gracey! I think something like that is just something you have to get used to. When I take a new kind of health kicks like Slim Fast, diet pills, and even One a Day Women's- I got a headache. Even taking something like Biotin which is a vitamin for hair, skin, and nails- I got SUCH BAD HEADACHES. If it has different types of vitamins (especially something that claims to do with health and changes the way your body is used to being)- it's pretty normal to start t get headaches from it. Usually you should just try it out for a week and if it gives you headaches (usually they should be gone after 3-4 days) then you stop taking/drinking it.

Georgia said...

Hey girly, I awarded you an award on my blog :)

Katie said...

I love coconut water, the pineapple flavored one is fantastic :)

Allison said...

I definitely want to get on the coconut water bandwagon - I heard the health benefits are amazing, and I should probably give up my Diet Coke addition for a healthier alternative!
This would probably be a good beach alternative, since carbonated beverages give a little bloat (which moi + bikini does not want anyyy bloating!).
The headaches thing is a little daunting though - I guess I'll have to try it in moderation!

Bonnie said...

I have been interested in trying this water, but I have never gotten the courage. I'm scared that it tastes weird. Bahahahaha.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Marie-Clare Prisco said...

Just saw this post because I was searching for info on "migraines from coconut water." And I have a doozy from a new brand I was trying. Never associated headaches with coconut water before, but I know that's what did it this time. I also have fruit and nut allergies, so there's probably a connection.