Monday, August 22, 2011

End of Summer Wishlist

At the beginning of summer, I posted my Summer 2011 Wishlist. Now that summer is pretty much over for me, it's tine for and End of Summer Wishlist!

End of Summer Wishlist

1. Honore de Pres Love Coconut Perfume- I was browsing on my new website obsession, Spirit Beauty Lounge, and I saw this adorable perfume. The cute coffee cup is what caught my attention. I can't say for sure that I'm set on the smell because I haven't smelled it in person yet (I'll be ordering a sample soon!), but I love coconut scented things and it's an organic perfume so it sounds pretty perfect!

2. Grey Wolf Spirithood- I saw a photo of someone wearing a Spirithood once but I never knew what it was. Then I saw one in Seventeen magazine this month and I fell in love. I'm definitely going to get one for the winter months this year. They even have a program where if you buy a Spirithood with the "Problue" logo on it, they will donate a portion of that sale to the charity of the animal you bought. I really like the husky and the grey wolf, but the grey wolf has the Problue logo so I'm pretty sure I'll get that one.

3. A new wallet/keychain- If I don't keep my keys and my wallet with my ID in it, I'm bound to leave the house without one of them so I have to keep them together. I've been using Vera Bradley ones since I started driving but I'm starting to look at other brands as well.

4. A pair of navy TOMS- I'm getting a navy pair of toms and a custom shark painted on them by Kelli Smith on Etsy. I'm so excited, because they will match the shark backpack I ordered for school this year! :)

5. A Balenciaga Wallet- Since a Balenciaga purse is very much out of the question right now, a wallet seems more obtainable. I love this fun, bright pink one. I'll just have to convince myself to keep track of my wallet and keys if they are ever separated.

6. More time!- Summer went by way too quickly! I start school in 2 days and I haven't finished all of my summer work. I still have to read 2 books, write 3 papers, and finish some math sheets. Procrastinating before school even starts, I see how this year is gonna be.

Just a reminder, my giveaway ends TODAY at midnight! So enter while you can!

What do you think? What's on your wishlist now that summer is over?


Emma Matthews said...

Love the hood it looks so snug!

Emma x

Melanie said...

TOMS are on my wishlist too! I've been dying for a pair. They look so comfy!

<3 Melanie

Gemma-Louise said...

Love the toms!!


fydezflightoffancy said...

I also wish for a pair of Toms! xx

Arianne Cruz said...

pink wallet :D

S and O said...

I love that furry little hat!

Charlee said...

Love this post, I want to get a pair of navy toms also and the hat is super cute.


Katie said...

Coconut perfume sounds super interesting! xo

metroswimgal said...

love the wallet! did you ever get the nars multiple in orgasm or the peaches shower gel?

Alessandra Mazzini said...

That's a cute hat!!! :D

Arielle said...

Hahah that hat is ridiculous, it's everywhere! But that ones cute because it looks like real fur. I hope you get/got what you wished for!

SWL86 said...

Please post a picture of the shark backpack!

t said...

Nice picks!