Saturday, August 20, 2011

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Blackberry Review

During my search for more green beauty products, I ran across a brand called 100% Pure. The first thing I saw that caught my eye was that they have fruit pigmented cosmetics! I was so intrigued just buy the concept. I contacted the company about them and they agreed to send over some products to try! The first item I tried and loved, the fruit pigmented mascara!

I got the color Blackberry, which is described as a "shimmery black plum". I didn't really notice any shimmer, but it was a very deep plum color. The color isn't made with synthetic dyes either, it's pigmented with fruit! The first thing I noticed when I opened the tube was the smell. It smelled like blackberries! Not synthetically either, it literally smelled like I had a bowl of blackberries in front of me.

It's a very lengthening mascara and it separated my lashes like any other of my favorite mascaras. I didn't notice any smudging or flaking throughout the day so that was a definite plus! And keep in mind I live in very humid weather. There was some very minor clumping when I first applied it, but I just brushed my lashes with a clean mascara wand and they looked great! I really couldn't find anything bad about this mascara, except maybe the price. It's $18 for the big tube and $12 for the mini tube. Not a typical drugstore mascara, but that's a small price to pay for a good quality, natural, cruelty free mascara!

The packaging is also really pretty, and I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.

The wand has a little groove in it, which helps to curl your lashes. I can't speak for people that have hard to curl lashes (my eyelash curler rarely gets used), but my lashes were curled and lengthy all day. (My camera makes the mascara look a little grey, but it's definitely a deep plum color!)

It didn't irritate my eyes at all, and I wear contacts so that's another plus.

This mascara is definitely a win for me, and I will be repurchasing!

The only bad things I can think of is the price and accessibility. I don't particularly like buying things online, and the only 100% Pure stores right now are in California. There may be other stores that sell it, but none around where I live that I know of.

People have requested a picture of the mascara on, so here it is! If anybody has tips on taking pictures of your own eyes, please let me know. It was so difficult to get a good picture!

What do you think? Have you ever used any fruit pigmented cosmetics from 100% Pure? Have you ever used a natural mascara?


LucyyLou said...

This sounds interesting! :D
Lucy x

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

Oooo show us a picture of you with the mascara on?,

Gracey said...

@Jessica- I'll definitely post one. I'm having the hardest time taking a clear picture of my eye but I'll put one up soon haha.

Erin said...

thanks for the tip, i've been looking for a new good mascara!


Katie said...

This sounds so interesting, love the look of the brush! xo

That 20 Something Virgin. said...

yeah i agree with jessica, post a picture when you can :) that sounds like a really cool product, my friend had a face mask from this brand we used (this was over a year ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy) but it made my face feel super fresh.

Alessandra Mazzini said...

I haven't try that yet, i should get one! There's a give away in my blog!!

Emily said...

If you call the 100% Pure customer service phone number, they can tell you if there are any stores in your area which carry 100% Pure makeup. That's what I did, because I don't like having to order online, either (especially not makeup).