Friday, July 1, 2011

Travel Giveaway!

Yay it's finally here! We will be moving in to our official new home on Sunday, so I figured I would go ahead and get this post up since I may be without internet for a few days. Here it is! :D

I got the bag at Target, it's a pretty good size and everything fits nicely in it.

The products!

Keep in mind that everything I included is under 3fl oz. so that they are "travel friendly" I actually had a hard time finding some higher end travel products (except for like the SUPER high end ones, which would've costed me like $75 a kit haha). Anyway I've taken some of the products out of their box so they could fit, but none of the products have been opened or used.

1. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Scrub (1 fl oz)
2. Sample of Bumble and bumble Bb. texture
3. Neutrogena Moistureshine Lip Soother (.35 oz) and mini Healthy Volume Mascara (.16 oz)
4.Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes (10 towelettes)
5. Hawaiin Tropic sheer touch lotion sunscreen spf 30 (2 fl oz)
6. Benefit Posie Tint sample (.08 fl oz)
7. Mini Tweezerman tweezers
8. Victoria's Secret So Sexy Style smooth & glossy shine serum (1.7 fl oz)
9. Benefit Bad Gal Lash (.14 oz)
10. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Organics Sheer Lip Tint (.5 oz)
11. Kerastase Resistance Bain Volumactive (Shampoo, 1 fl oz).
12. Benefit the Pore fessional Sample (.25 fl oz)
13. Nivea a Kiss of Milk & Honey (.17 oz)
14. Ultra Swim Chlorine Removal Shampoo (2 fl oz)
15. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Buffer

The rules:
1. Be a (public) follower of Breakfast at Gracey's
2. Leave a comment saying where you are travelling to this summer, or where you would like to travel this summer. (Make sure you leave an email address so I can get in touch with you!).

Extra Entries:
1. Follow me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway (make sure you @reply Graceyloo252, or make sure I see it somehow) +2
2. Put it in the sidebar of your blog and link back to the giveaway +3
3. Do a blog post on this giveaway (make sure you link me to either of these) +3

If you do any extra entries, please make sure you tell me in the comments so I know. This giveaway will end in 1 week, on July 8th. Thanks for reading/entering and good luck! :)

UPDATE: I'm extending it another week so it will officially end on Friday July 15th!


Vanessa said...

Thanks for the giveaway<3

I really want to go to Guam this summer! But, I don't have enough money:( Maybe next year hehe.


Becky said...

Im going to an amusement park this summer.

21SaraLoves said...
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Erika said...

Ohmigosh this is the most incredible Giveaway EVER, Gracey!

I'm a follower on Google Friend Connect! :)

Erika said...

Though I have no travel plans for the summer, I would absolutely love to travel to Morocco! I have wanted to visit there ever since I saw "Almost Famous," and Penny Lane said that's where she was going to live! :)

Melanie said...

Wow what an amazing giveaway!

I would like to go to the beach this summer.




I'm also having a giveaway this month on my blog if you would like to enter: =)

Savannah said...

My family and I are traveling to North Carolina for a week this summer!

I follow via GFC (Savannah).
I tweeted/I'm also following:!/glamgirl2014/status/86793338388365312

I have your giveaway in my giveaways tab on my blog here:


This was such a great idea for a giveaway!


Monica said...

Wow, thank you for such a great giveaway! :)

I'll be traveling to Montreal and New York City with mes amis this summer. I'm super super excited!


Anne said...

love this giveaway! thanks girl!

1. I'm a public follower!
2. I followed you on Twitter (@Trappish) and tweeted about your giveaway
3. I linked your giveaway in the sidebar of my blog:

and finally, I would love to travel to Europe this summmer. but.. I'm a broke college student taking summmer classes and trying to pay rent/utilities/life in general! but a girl can dream right?!

Arianne Cruz said...

GFC: Arianne Cruz
Twitter: @ariannecruz07

I want to go to Europe! It looks so romantic and full of history.

Anne said...

oops! I forgot to leave my email address. sorry about that.

Ashley said...

I follow you GFC:Ashley
I tweeted@introtobeauty
I want to go to disneyland so freaking bad!! Love your blog!!

Style, She Wrote said...

Love the little cosmetic pouch and the tint! xo style, she wrote

Style, She Wrote said...

Whoops! We follow on Google Friend Connect. Please enter us! xo style, she wrote

augustalolita said...

great giveaway!! i love the cute little pouch <3

vernz_08 said...

Gfc Name: vernz_08


WOuld love to go Paris this coming summer but will be working )=

Followed at twitter and tweeted about the giveaway:!/vernss/status/87525863972806657

Post at sidebar:

THanks for the giveaway (=

Ana M. said...
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JANELephant said...

I'm going to Santa Barbara this summer to see one of my closest friends. She moved to SB for college and she's always coming back to San Diego to see her family and me, but now it's finally my turn to come up and visit her.

I'd also like to visit England. I've wanted to go for SO long and my coworker recently went and I was so jealous. Hopefully next year.


Georgia said...

I'm actually traveling down to Detroit next weekend to see my brother play a concert :) I was suppose to go to New York City for a school trip, but it got canceled last minute so that was upsetting. All of these products though are perfect for the beach which I go to several times a week! This is a great giveaway by the way! :)

Janinay said...

Great giveaway!

GFC: Janinay

Next summer, I'd like to be able to go to our local beaches here in the Philippines. Palawan, perhaps. It's the rainy season here now. :D

+2 I tweeted. :D!/janinegenious/status/88191368245166081

+3 sidebar :D

ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

Audrey Allure said...

Great giveaway! :)

Despina T. said...

what a wonderfull giveaway!wow so many things.the greatest gift for your readers.i'd love to win,i haven't won anything for years :( this year i went in a greek island for vacation(called skiathos) but i am probably going again in Kefalonia!i am following your great blog dear.i'd really appreciate if u could follow me back.

jem said...

I'm going to Devon! Not far away and not amazingly exciting BUT it has a beach and that's all I need! Haha!

Couture Shimmer said...

In a few days I will be going to live with my sister in the Virginia/D.C. area for about a month. I can not wait to take a lil vaycay and relax a lil, but then in August it is back to school!

Tori said...

Thanks for the giveaway I may be going to the beach soon and I'm going to San Antonio this stuff would be perfect!

Tori said...

oops forgot my email and I'm going to San Antonio and maybe the beach so these would be perfect!

Tori said...

Ok so i now follow you on twitter, I posted about your giveaway on twitter, I posted on my blog about your giveaway and its in my sidebar! My blogs name is

SweetShenanigans said...

GFC follower as SweetShenanigans
girl23rocks at hotmail dot com
I'm going to beautiful Vancouver this summer!
twitter following you @Alliegal101 and tweeted:!/Alliegal101/status/88737336942268416
added to sidebar:

MissCouture17 said...
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MissCouture17 said...

I'm going to Cuba for a week, and next Summer I'm traveling to Europe for my cousin's wedding. I'll be staying in Malta most of the time, but we'll be traveling around Europe for a couple weeks too. Thank you for this giveaway. :)
Sorry, i forgot to post my email:

Lindsay said...

I'm going to Cancun next week! Love all of these items :)

Elenita said...

hi from Spain, enter me please!
GFC: Elenita
I'm going to the south of Cádiz (Spain), a city near of mine, but I'd love go to Praga this summer :)


bambaki83 said...

Hi from Spain!!

This summer I´d like to travelling to somewhere with beach.

GFC name: bambaki83
Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

I follow u on twitter as @bambaki83 and I tweeted about your giveaway here:!/bambaki83/status/89074935116480512


Miu Miu said...

hey sweety.
fgc: andrewtza-luv
this summer i would like to travell to the seaside, is my fav <3


Miu Miu said...

and my emaiL:
sorry for the inconvenience :D i forget

kimmyl182 said...


I'd like to go to New York but I'm taking summer classes at UBC so I can't =(

My GFC is kimmyl182
My email is


Allison said...

Love this giveaway, my dear!
This summer I'm traveling to my parents summer house at Cape Cod, and am hopefully going to make it down to South Carolina to visit my brother (and maybe even a trip to LA to visit a college friend!). Besides that, I've been shacking up with my friend in his new apartment in the city, which is extra exciting :)

Nejy said...

Awesome give away! I would love to travel to visit my family in south carolina this summer!


I also put it in the sidebar! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

Georgia said...

Hey girly, this is my second comment but I was just letting you know I posted about the giveaway on my blog for an extra entry :)

Lisette said...

Woo hoo! I love giveaways, but i never ever win...still fun entering any how!

I linked you to my blog post:

and here is my email address:

I will be going on my very first cruise in October to Catalina and Mexico! These travel goodies would be perfect to take with me on board! :)

MSodapop said...

GFC: MSodapop

I would love to go to Japan this summer.

I follow you on twitter: MSodapop1

I tweeted:!/MSodapop1/status/89655508348309504

Blog post:


Thank you love!

That 20 Something Virgin. said...

i already went to vegas this summer (no debauchery, it was to visit a friend ;) )

all your picks look great by the way, whoever wins will be super lucky!

Anoushka said...

I'm off to America in less than two weeks, road tripping while listening to the beach boys and bruce springsteen! Can't wait, summer is non-existant here in London and I want a tan!

Irina said...

I really like your idea of giving away travel friendly products, because they are always handy, especially in the summer. I just finished this year of college, and after long and hard exams, I am allowed to think about summer. I plan to travel to Germany, Austria and Budapest with my parents, and then I will go visit my best friends in Belgium for 2 weeks. I would love to go to the sea-side as well, but maybe I can squeeze it in in a couple of weekends, because going there needs only a 3 hour drive.

I follow your blog via GFC as irina and my email is

I follow you on twitter as love_muffin and I tweeted!/love_muffin/status/90898948822269952

I blogged about it

collifornia said...

i follow via GFC; collifornia

i plan to travel to florida to stay with my aunt next month!

i follow you on twitter& tweeted;

holliister at gmail dot com

Kris Beauty said...

Hi :) Thank you for this amazing giveaway! ♥

- I follow you on GFC as Kris Beauty

- This summer I would like to travel to Cyprus

- Email :

- I follow you on Twitter @Kris_Beauty

- I tweeted about this :!/Kris_Beauty/status/91072849942544385

- I have this in my blog sidebar :

- I wrote about this on my blog :

Sweet As Honey Blog said...

GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog
Twitter: @FrenchGirl20

Pretty J said...

Great giveaway!!

GFC: Pretty J

I'm hoping and praying for a cruise to Aruba

Elle Sees said...

I wanna go to Spain!

Elle Sees said...
I follow and I tweeted :)

♥ Neelum ♥ said...

i wanna go to mandrid though it may never happen :/
GFC -♥ Neelum ♥
On my sidebar -

Alynne Leigh said...

This summer, I've had a lot of little local road trips to visit the lover (:
But I'm hoping next summer to venture out with him to Italy. (:

Alynne Leigh said...

Heyyyy (:
I'm tweeting, twittering?...chirping?
Regardless, I'm doing THAAAAT :)
And it was about the giveawayyy

Alynne Leigh said...

I also posted about your lovely blog/giveaway on the sidebar of my blog, PinkLemonade:

Kar326 said...

GFC: kar326
I'm traveling to minnesota.
Twitter: kar326


Ruth said...

1. GFC: Ruth
2. This summer I'm travelling to Holland!

My email:

Extra Entries:
I follow you on Twitter (RuthGBCN) and tweeted:!/RuthGBCN/status/91459033545965568


mikaelaroppo said...
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mikaelaroppo said...

I plan on going to tour the Seattle Underground. I live here and always have wanted to go but never made it out! SO that shall be fun! <3


eclairre said...

I follow - email in my profile.

I traveled to Europe this summer & loved it!! If I could travel anywhere else, it'd be tokyo!

Amy Lynn said...

I followed you on here (redwolfbeach - Amy Lynn) and on Twitter (redwolfbeach) and retweeted your contest!/Graceyloo252/status/91537628742160384.
My email address is:
I would love to go to the Caribbean this summer, but unfortunately my boyfriend was laid off last month and its no longer in our budget, but hopefully next year! I'm an ocean girl at heart and need to be near it!
Check out my blog I'm going to blog about your blog and giveway in a minute! =)

Amy Lynn said...

Here's the link!

Maniwala said...

Hey =)

My GFC is Maniwala

I'm traveling to Andalucia, Spain and Hvar, Croatia this summer, so I could really use this set =)

I also followed you on twitter and posted about your giveaway, here is the link:!/MadeByMaja/status/91633630631313409

monica said...

I am not actually going out of my state this summer but I am going out of town! haha! I will be spending week or so in another city though! At a nice hotel with my family! I am so excited! Thanks for this giveaway! I actually found you off of Beautylish!

Marina said...

I will just be traveling inside Croatia this summer, but I am not complaining, it will be great :)
I am following on gfc as Marina D., and I also tweeted about this:!/isollea/status/91931775789563905

isollea at gmail dot com

Sadia said...
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