Friday, July 8, 2011

sayanythingbr00ke's giveaway for charity!

I've mentioned before about watching beauty videos on Youtube, some of the girls on there have amazing talent and great advice. I saw this video from sayanythingbr00ke about having a huge giveaway for a charity. I got so excited when I saw that the charity was for a local animal shelter! Well local for her, not me.

But anyway, I wanted to share this video and cause because she had a good point, I could use that money I was going to spend on something I really don't need and give it to someone/something that actually does need it. And I like that she recognizes she has a bit of "power" and is using it to actually do something good! There are also some GREAT prizes you could win. You are not required to donate to win, but it would be really really great if any of you did. Here is the video:

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