Monday, July 25, 2011

Normal Gaga?

I was meandering around Refinery29 just now and stumbled upon this article, showing Laday Gaga arriving in New York looking actually quite normal, which is a big shock coming from her.

image via refinery29

I'm a Gaga fan in general, so while I do think her crazy outfits are very out there, I give her props for them. I mean, it would be hard to pull off her outfits in everyday life, but it gives me inspiration to try new things (in terms of fashion and beauty) and think outside the box. But I also think it's a nice change up to see her in some normal clothing. She kept it pretty simple with all black with bright red lips and nails. I approve! But the question is: is this a one time thing or will she downplay her outfits more often?

My take on her normal outfit:

Inspired by: Normal Gaga
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What do you think? Do you like Lady Gaga in her crazy outfits or something more normal like this? Do you think she will continue to "dress down"?
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