Friday, July 29, 2011

Do You Use a Skin Brush?

The first time I heard about something like this was when I was introduced to the Clarisonic. It's kind of expensive so I haven't bought one for myself yet, but my facialist uses it on me and it feels like it's doing a good job at deep cleaning my skin. Other brands have come out with similar, more affordable tools, but from reading reviews Clarisonic still seems to be in the lead.

Skin brushes

My question is: Do you use a skin brush tool? What brand do you use? Do you feel it is worth it?


Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

I own the clarisonic Mia and I LOVE it! I do think it is worth the money. BUT, that doesn't mean the other ones out there aren't worth it because I haven't tried other ones. So all I can say is that my skin is much better since using the clarisonic.

Britt said...

I don't have one, but have been considering getting one. I'm wondering if the one by Neutrogena (I think. It's a drugstore brand, whatever it is) will be a cheap alternative from the more expensive ones. I'd hate to buy an expensive one only to find I don't like it.

- Britt

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I use the oil of olay brush, they sell them at costco for cheap.

Nejy said...

I use the the Olay one. I have had it since last december. I use it EVERYDAY with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. It has improved the texture and look of my skin dramatically. It exfoliates and cleanses so well, I also use it on the slow setting to exfoliate my lips every few days as well. I think it is so worth the money, and although I have never tried the clarisonic I can't see how they would be too different from eachother.

Elle Sees said...

I use the pink scrubby thing from Sephora (there is one similar on Go CleN 365 or something) and the skin brush from Sephora. It looks like the clairsonic but I'd just a brush.they both work fine for me but I would love the real thing if I could afford it!