Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Haul + Giveaway Preview!

Apologies for yet another haul post, but there are a few exciting things I got this week that I wanted to share. I'm also having another small giveaway and I want to go ahead and show you the the prize (No, it's not all of this haha. Sorry!)

1. Lady Gaga Critical Mass Fashion by Lizzy Goodman
I'm a bit obsessed with Lady Gaga. My boyfriend and I had to go up to North Carolina yesterday, and on the way back we stopped at a big mall in Myrtle Beach. We went in Spencer's and we found this book, which I probably wouldn't have bought if it wasn't on sale for 50% off, but I'm so glad I did. I haven't read much of it yet but from what I can tell it has some awesome pictures which will be great for some makeup inspiration and for making this year's Halloween Costume.

2. Pretty in Pink print by Emma Kisstina
Since I'm somewhat redoing my room, I've been on the hunt for some cool artwork to hang on my walls. I found Emma Kisstin'as Etsy shop and absolutely fell in LOVE. She has the BEST girly prints I've ever seen, it was so hard for me to choose one. Seriously, check out her shop if you like fashion or makeup prints. She even has some amazing Breakfast at Tiffany's prints! I'm going to buy some more makeup ones to hang over my vanity when I get paid again. She was nice enough to send a smaller version of the print I bought to give away to one of you! More info on that below.

3. Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
So I told myself I wasn't going to buy this because I REALLY don't need it, but I follow Christine (Temptalia) on Twitter and she tweeted that it was available on Ulta, so I freaked and bought it. I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but they colors look great! The only problem I have with it is the packaging, I kind of hate it! Everybody else seems to love it but it just doesn't work for me. It gets finger print-y so easily and it's driving me crazy. Also the plastic holding/surrounding the colors is purple and mirrored. When I'm trying to look at the colors it makes it hard to see the true color, and the light reflects off of it and I just hate to look at the colors. But it's probably just me being picky.

4. Chanel N5 pocket mirror
Also by Emma Kisstina, I bought a cute little pocket mirror to keep in my purse/makeup bag. I got the Chanel N5 design, but she has some other really cute ones too (Manolos and Louboutins? Yes!)

5. A boring pair of shoes--that were on sale!
I have a pair of black suede flats that I wear to work everyday, but in the middle of my crazy room designing and moving, I've seemed to have lost one of them. The only other work friendly shoes I have are WAYY to small for my feet, and after putting through that torture for one day I was NOT going to do it again. So 15 minutes before work I ran down to Nine West and got these babies on sale for $17! Yes, it did hurt to wear brand new shoes at work, but not nearly as bad as the way too small ones.

Now, the giveaway preview! Official details coming soon!
Emma Kisstina included a smaller version of the print I purchased to give away to one of my readers! I got the medium print of a pink MAC lipstick, so one of you will receive a small print of the pink MAC lipstick. The print is 5.1in X 7.1in (I think? I used a cm to inches converter. 13cm X 18cm) so be on the lookout for details on that :)

Well that's all for now. If you have the UD 15th Anniversary Palette, please let me know if you're annoyed by the packaging too or if it's just me, haha. Also stay tuned for giveaway details!


thegirlbehindthebook said...

Ohmygoodness, I was definitely expecting the Breakfast at Tiffany's prints would be of Audrey, but those are so, so cute. I love the mailbox one. :)

Arielle said...

Wow you're so generous, Gracey :)

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

that's such a great and unique giveaway!

Arielle said...

Thanks for commenting! I was going to comment on your Chanel haul/review but I decided to just comment on your most recent post because if I comment back on mine, you won't be able to see it! I'm really getting over liquid foundation, especially since my first experience with a high end one wasn't amazing. Did you like the Chanel one? I kind of want something lightweight and non-clogging to my pores. The one I will be purchasing next is the Laura Mercier mineral powder! My favorite makeup guru wears it and she has the same skin type as me and says the coverage is great! I also want a dewy foundation but its hard because I have oily skin :/ So I'm thinking Laura Mercier will hopefully be my holy grail!

Savannah said...

Those prints are too cute! And I love those shoes!


Audrey Allure said...

Great print!

That 20 Something Virgin. said...

those prints are so awesome, i want one for my walls :) mac is kind of expensive but sooo worth it

metroswimgal said...

dont ever feel bad for hauling! its one of the best parts of a blog! cute stuff! especially the paintings! i really like them! maybe ill get myself one!

Emily said...

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you gracey?

Gracey said...

haha, I'm 17. I'll be 18 in October

Emily said...

No way! I thought you were in college! Haha! well i feel blonde, but thats okay because I am!

Emily said...

so you are going to be a senior?

Gracey said...

Haha I wish! But yeah I'll be a senior.