Monday, June 27, 2011

What I'm Loving: June (early)

I'm going to be moving into our official new house at the end of the week, which also happens to be the end of the month so I figured I should do what I'm loving for June a little early.

1. Ice Breakers Ice Cubes in cool Lemon- I have been SERIOUSLY addicted to this gum this month. I'm like a chain smoker when it comes to this stuff, when a piece looses its flavor, I'll spit it out and put in another piece. I can go through probably 2 packs of this in a day if I wanted to. It tastes like fresh squeezed lemonade, and it even has that cooling effect which is PERFECT for hot days!

2. Benefit's Creaseless Cream shadow in Flatter Me- I picked this up at Ulta so I could get that little gift set with 3 of their mini products that I could include in my giveaway. I've been wearing this pretty much every day. I use to just wear MAC's painterly, which is great for concealing and going for the "no makeup look", but this is for the days when I want a little color on my lids. So easy to apply! Also works great as a base.

3. Winnie the Pooh Quotes- I've always been a Winnie the Pooh lover. A.A. Milne definitely has a way with words! You can read some of the Pooh quotes here. They are just so sweet and so inspiring :)

4. The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ- My lips get very dry and flakey if I don't take care of them properly. I think there are good DIY versions of this that are just as good, but I'm kind of lazy and fail at most DIY things, so I like the convenience of this :) Plus I got the Cinnamon Sugar flavor because I LOVE cinnamon. I exfoliate my lips with this at night and my lips are so soft and flake free in the morning!

5. C.O. Bigelow Lemon and Black Cherry Lip Balm- I got this at the Bath and Body Works sale for like $2! So cheap! This is one of my favorite daily lip balms, for giving my lips a little moisture throughout the day. The best part is it smells SO GOOD! It moisturizers just as well as the Nivea a Kiss of Moisture, but has an added amazing smell and sweet taste.

6. My Ray Bans- Sunglasses are a must have for summer and my favorites are still my Ray Ban Wayfarers! Very classy and simple, and awesome quality. I always keep them in my car because the sun likes to blind me, and I'm often too short for my visor to do anything for me :P

7. Garnier Fructis Anti Humidity Hairspray- I mentioned this in my how to fight summer humidity post. My hair is straight on most days and I spray it with this hairspray to lock in my sleek style and keep the humidity out. I have the flexible control one, so it doesn't weigh my hair down at all or make it stiff, and smells incredible. I don't usually use this for curling my hair though, I need something much stronger.

8. Victoria's Secret So Sexy Straight & Silky Styling Mist- Long name, but works wonders for my hair! I spray this in my hair before I blow dry it (if I blow dry it, I try to avoid that as much as I can). It's my favorite heat protectant and my mom's favorite too! It keeps our hair smooth and straight as well as protects it from our heat products!

9.!- Yep, I finally paid the $10 and got my custom domain switched from to Yay!

What are your favorite things this month?


Josie said...

Congratulations on your domain, doll! So exciting. And I love wayfarers... Ray-Bans are so chic!
xo Josie

That 20 Something Virgin. said...

i absolutely need sunglasses when i drive, even in winter, because my eyes are so light and sensitive. i have ones similiar to those but they are knock offs of course :/ can't afford the real thing haha.

Mr Lonely said...

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thegirlbehindthebook said...

Those are adorable quotes! Thanks for the link!

Erika said...

Ohmigosh Winnie the Pooh...I so adore you for mentioning Winnie and A.A. Milne. I reread The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh every year, and have always been a fan of Winnie's quotes! :)

Gemma-Louise said...

Love the Winnie the Pooh quotes, I loved reading the stories growing up.


Mary ♥ Mur said...

oh.. so nice post.)
Love your blog.))

I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
1. Why did you create a blog?
2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
3. How long will it keep going?

Allison said...

Congrats on the domain, my dear! That's a big deal and I'm very excited for you :)
And those quotes are fabulous, I absolutely LOVE Benefit, and I am never without my Ray Bans! (I have such an addiction - I think I have Wayfarers in like, 5 colors? Awful!).

Arianne Cruz said...

those are nice things! i can see why it would be ur favorite!

OOh! you're reading Betrayed! :D Love that series!

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

i love your list! there are a few things on here that i've been wanting to try (#4 and #5). i think you've convinced me! :)


Robots in Trouble said...

hehe! don't you love having to say... yeah... i have my own site... visit me at something something . COM! you sound so professional saying it too. *high five* for us who have that !

ohhh i'm totally loving number 3! for some reason i felt like you read my mind on that cus ive been thinking about winnie the pooh this week .

thanks for all your lovely comments too! i really appreciate them :]

-robots in trouble

Style, She Wrote said...

Love the Ray Bans! A classic accessory. xo style, she wrote

Audrey Allure said...

That gum sounds amazing, and definitely perfect for summer!

21SaraLoves said...

I awarded you for best blog!

Arianne Cruz said...

i enjoy ur posts so i awarded u best blog! check it out :)

Lianne said...

I too love winnie the pooh :)


Ann said...

my lips are horrendous. im going to have to try that scrub!

Melanie said...

Found your blog on beautylish!

What awesome products! I remember lovingg those Ice Breaker ice cubes when they first came out. I'm going to have to buy some again now because I forgot they existed haha.