Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boyfriend Series: Our Top 5 Spots

Continuing with my boyfriend series, I thought I would share some of our favorite places to hangout, mainly places to eat. We live in Charleston so you may not have the exact places where you live (but if you do you should definitely go check them out!), but you may have something similar.

1. 32 Degrees
We LOVE getting frozen yogurt. 32 Degrees is our favorite at the moment, even though there are several other frozen yogurt places around. I think Yogurt Mountain might be good too but we haven't been there yet. He always makes fun of me for putting waaay too many toppings on my yogurt.
His friend Alex's yogurt is on top, mine is on the bottom left, and his is bottom right. This is a bad example because this is probably the ONE time he went overboard on toppings.

Yes you are probably thinking this is gross, but we love the IHOP. Well, I love it and he tolerates it for me I guess. I'm not really sure his real opinion on it. I always either get the Cinn-a-stack pancakes, or original pancakes with blueberry syrup and a side of hashbrowns. Yummy! And unhealthy, but still yummy!

3. The beach
This is probably cliche. The beach is always a good option. You can tan, you can swim, you can walk, it's just a fun place to go!

4. Taco Boy
Right near the beach is a restaurant called Taco Boy. I'm not positive but I think their only locations are in Charleston. If you are ever in Charleston, you need to go to Taco Boy! There's a location downtown and on Folly Beach. I always get the nachos that are tooo big for me to finish by myself. Oh and if you get tacos, get 2 because they are kind of small.

5. The movies
Typical boyfriend/girlfriend place to go. He LOVES movies so we frequent the movie theater a lot. We saw Transformers last night, it was so good! Another cliche location for us :P

I think those are our top 5 most visited places. I probably missed some. Let me know if you've ever eaten at a Taco Boy, or if you have anything similar. Where are your favorite spots?


Elle Sees said...

Seeing all of those topipings reminded me of something...i have a sister who is WAY younger than me, and one of her favorite memories is when I took her to the candy store and let her get some of everything. We had that candy for months and it cost a lot but was so worth it! And cured my sweet tooth for a year. Haha

Gemma-Louise said...

The Yougurt looks yummy!

Me and my Boyfriend tend to eat out a lot at the weekends sometimes on our own and sometimes with friends it's nice to try different restaurants. We also go to the movies a lot too but we haven't been for a little while I think the last thing we went to see was the Hangover pt 2.


Lauren said...

loooooovveee taco boy! and 32! ah i miss charleston!

Audrey Allure said...

Haha, iHop is one of my boyfriend's favorite places to take me for breakfast. I don't mind, the food is good!

Josie said...

What a cute post! I love getting froyo on dates. Always fun.
xo Josie

Arianne Cruz said...

I'm assuming 32 Degrees is a froyo place. Yum!!!

By the way, I posted the review for the NYX Trio as you requested :)

blacksandbrights said...

a 32 degrees place just opened near me and i've been going every week - its so good i cant get enough xx