Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Camera & Mini F21 Jewelry Haul

I asked my boyfriend if I could borrow his camera for graduation pictures since mine is awful, and he said yes. I told him later that night after I'd played around with it that I loved it and I wasn't giving it back, jokingly of course. But he said I could keep it because he never uses it. So yay! Thank you boyfriend! <3

Anyway, I seem to get the best lighting in my bathroom during the day, but I'll be moving soon so I'll have to re-adjust to my new place.

Ok, now to the haul. I've spent the last, I don't know how many paychecks on beauty and makeup things. I noticed that I really needed to go shopping because my clothes and accessories were looking kind of drab. Here are a few of the accessories I got at Forever 21, the clothes haul will most likely be coming soon too.

The 3 amigos. Told you it wasn't much. Just 2 necklaces and a bracelet :)

I love this color for summer! I Don't really wear orange clothes but in accessories I love the color! They also had an aqua blue one that I wanted to get and I might go back and get. I rarely buy bracelets because my wrists are TINY and they never fit me, but this one seems to fit pretty well :)
UPDATE: I went back today to get the blue one, and it didn't look very aqua the second time around, just basic blue. But I still got it :)
^tiny wrist :P
I couldn't get a full shot of this necklace because it is super long. The website says 56" approximately. But it is so cute and I love wearing it with the orange bracelet.

And last but not least, this little baby. It is just so cute and pretty! Nothing too flashy but it would add a little something to an outfit, even if it's just a t-shirt.

Hope you enjoyed it! This was kind of a test run for my camera (Nikon Coolpix in case you were wondering). It's not the best camera in the world but it's definitely better than my old one.

And finally, I can say: All pictures taken by me. haha :)


Melanie Fontaine said...

You have definitely chosen the right boyfriend! ;) Ah, that is so sweet! The jewelry you picked out is lovely - I'm especially loving the bracelet and I can imagine how great it would look in aquamarine! Once again jealous that I'm not living in the States and therefore have no access to Forever 21...

xoxo, Melanie

Sher said...

they're very very pretty! i always get lost in the accessories section in F21, they have best selection:)


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Beth Ramsay said...

yay! and I've never even looked at the jewellery in forever 21, looks like I've been missing out!

beth x

p.s you asked what camera I used? just an ordinary digital one, pretty normal. but I edit them on photobucket so they look better:)xxx

Bereniice said...

Those necklaces look really cute!! :D
I agre with you in the orange color... I prefer to use it in accessories than clothes, but I recommend trying a coral lipstick or lipgloss ... it looks really cute too.. you can use it bold or toned down! :D

Jonna said...

The last one is awesome!

Jonna xx

Sofie said...

wow love them!