Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prom post :)

Well last weekend was my junior prom. It was probably one of the most stressful things I've had to plan out. We had massive date mix ups and nobody planned ahead very well. My best friend Haleigh ended up going with my other best friend John. And I ended up taking Haleigh's boyfriend Ty. Sounds weird right? Well it worked out because we had a blast!

John, Haleigh, Me, and Ty

Haleigh and I

The only bad thing was that my hair looked really good when I left the salon and my house, but when we were taking our pictures, it was so windy that it was pretty much straight in the front and super curly in the back :( Oh well, it was a lot of fun though!

Haleigh and I. Best friends :)

We ate at Wasabi, a really nice Japanese/sushi restaurant. We were switching seats and I had to get up, and my heel got caught in my dress which made me fall. Ty tried to help me up, and I got halfway there and fell again. He didn't realize I fell again so he sat down. I could NOT get my heel untangled from my dress so I had to CRAWL to the other side of the table, in my dress, in a really nice restaurant. There was a table full of guys right next to us, and they alllll stopped eating and stared at me. It was soooo embarrassing!

Our shoes. Haleigh on the left and me on the right

Ty and I (Haleigh's boyfriend, haha)


Katie said...

Your dress is gorgeous :)

Savannah said...

You guys look so pretty! That's embarrassingly funny story about falling!
Love your dress (and Haleigh's) !


M & Em said...

You look beautiful! I absolutely love the dress! And the shoes!


Joan said...

u all look fab!!

the classy turtle ♥ said...

Beautiful dress! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!