Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I've fallen in love again...MAC Painterly

So I was playing around with my camera and taking pictures and whatnot, and I'm still experimenting so excuse the poor quality and blurriness. Hopefully I'll have a new camera soon :/

Anyway, recently I've just been feeling the no-makeup look for summer, especially at work where you can't really see my eyes because of my hat. I've also been feeling pretty lazy-waking up 10 minutes before I have to leave my house for school. I use mascara always, but I feel like I need SOMETHING on my lids just so I don't look too terribly slack.

Well, I've fallen in love again with MAC Painterly Paint Pot! I've had it for a while and didn't use it much, but now I use it literally everyday!

For those who don't know, MAC paint pots are creamy eye shadows that are often used as bases for powder eyeshadow. They have one for about every skin tone, but Painterly just happens to match me perfectly (it's a nude beige color). It just makes my eyelids look even and flawless, which is good for you who have veiny eyelids like I do :P

I tried to swatch it, but it was too close to my skin tone for my crappy camera to pick up. Sorry!

What do you think? Do you use MAC paint pots? Other cream eyeshadow? Lemme know :)


Savannah said...

I think this is on my "to buy" list. I only have a few MAC products, but the ones I have I loveeee!


shadesofsarah said...

I don't own any MAC products, but I have been getting more into make up lately thanks to a friend, and I'm actually wearing make up today. Big step!

Lindsay said...

I've only heard good things about these but never tried them. I'll have to try it one of these days!

la petite fashionista said...

ilove how they help eyeshadow "stick" on throughout the day

on a sadder note--i'm so sorry for your loss (post below). my thoughts are with you!

Jaci Walker said...

I love my MAC paint pots.

I found your blog on Elle&Blair.com in a "follow my blog" section.

I love your blog and I would love it if you could follow back pubicly: jaciwalker.blogspot.com