Monday, March 21, 2011

What to

Hello hello! I'm trying to decide what to treat myself to for working so hard this semester. But I'm terrible with decisions, so I need you all to help me decide!

Idea #1: Nikon D3000 camera

Ok, this is a recent addition to my list. I noticed Lauren from Pamplemousse always posts amazing pictures, and I asked what camera she uses and this is the one. I may do some more research before I settle on this particular one, but a nice camera in general.

Idea #2: Ipad 2 (3G or no 3G?)

This is my other main choice. I could do so much with this thing it's not even funny, I'm sure you all know what you can do with an iPad. I also can't decide between 3G or no 3G. A lot of people say they've never had a use for 3G, so maybe I won't either? Share your thoughts, por favor :)

Those are my two main things to decide between, the other things are small like a pair of TOMS or something. So let me know your opinions, and share what you are currently saving for! Or deciding between on what to save for!


{lovely little things} said...

Definitely go with the camera! It will end up paying for itself in all your beautiful photographs!

Anna Walker said...

I would buy the camera! :)
IT seems super duper amazing!
Toms is coming out with wedge shoes too!
Have fun spoiling yourself!

la petite fashionista said...

I'm dying to invest in a nice camera! it's next on my shopping list :)

Aubree said...

hmm i might go with the camera. because you know as soon as you buy the iPad 2 they're going to come out with an iPad 3 a week later and yours will be obsolete :p