Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving: March

These are the things I have been completely infatuated with this month. Let me know yours!

1. Frozen Yogurt

Specifically from 32 Degrees. We've gotten so many new frozen yogurt places around here its ridiculous. I've visited them all except for Yogurt Mountain, which is next. Anyway, before work if I'm craving something sweet I go to 32 Degrees and get a mix of chocolate and Tahitian vanilla yogurt, toped with strawberries, chocolate chips, and gummy bears. It is sooo good!

2. Nyquil

And no, I have not turned into a druggie. I have been sick for quite a while, it started as a cold which was bearable, then turned into a bad fever, then all was left was an awful cough, sore throat, and stuffy nose. My cough and throat were the worst once the fever was done, but Nyquil was my best friend during those weeks. I got such a wonderful sleep, it was amazing, and it made my throat feel SO much better too. The only downside is the taste, bleh!

3. Urban Decay Naked Palette

This palette is probably one of my favorite ones ever! The colors are so wearable, not over glittery or anything like that. Sooo many looks can be created with this, and it comes with that double sided liner. I love UD's palettes anyway, but sometimes their packaging is a little inconvenient size-wise. This however, is sleek and can so easily fit in my purse.

4. The thought of spring break

This is pretty self explanatory, but spring break is calling my name. First weekend are awesome concerts, the beach during the week, relaxing, etc. Only 2 more days!

Well that's it for now. Be sure you all let me know what has gotten you through the month of March! Later gators!
Love, Gracey

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Lauren said...

love 32 degrees - the italian tart is my face. but i think i like yogurt mountain more....