Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello again

Wow! It has seriously been forever since I've posted....I'm so inconsistent :( Sorry about that guys, I need to learn how to juggle school, work, boyfriend, and blog. That'll be my goal for next year. But summer is coming up soon so I'm excited to have lots of free time to start posting again. Please comment and tell me how you all have been, I've missed reading all of the comments!

Just an update on my life and whatnot...

Spring break is coming up next weekend (yay!) And I have lots planned for the first weekend of it! I'm going to fashion week here in Charleston, hopefully at least. And then driving up to Columbia with my friend for a Pretty Lights concert, then going to a Mimosa concert the next day. Woohoo! If you've never heard of Pretty Lights, you definitely should check them can download all of their music for free on their website! (P.S. They aren't paying me to say this or anything) and check out Mimosa on itunes too!

Prom is coming up soon too, I'm going to 3 proms this year. I reaaally want to get tan for prom so I'm gonna be checking out some self-tanners and gradual tanners so that I can avoid the fake-bake tanning bed...which is what all my friends are doing. I've considered it, but they really freak me out, and are super dangerous. So if you have any good self tanner suggestions let me know! I've been thinking about those Beach Sexy ones from Victoria's Secret because they are only like $12...if anybody has used them feel free to tell me what you thought of them!

Well I guess that's about it. I may have another post up later today after work, we shall seeee. Later gators!


shadesofsarah said...

Wow, you are doing a lot!! Hope you find the right balance and stick with blogging :)

thegirlbehindthebook said...

I don't know how dark you want to go, but the Aveeno gradual tan moisturizer is nice, you just have to apply it religiously to build up that color! It's also inexpensive :)