Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy Independence Day everyone!!!! I am sooo sorry I haven't posted all week! Hopefully next week I can get back up to posting at least one everyday.

I am celebrating the 4th today by going to a cookout one of my friends is having. It's going to be super casual, and we will probably go swimming so I am not really dressing up tonight.

Two of my best friends got back from Australia (one of them is the one having the cookout) so I'm really excited to catch up with them :)

image via we heart it.

How are you celebrating this weekend? Fireworks? Lot's of yummy food? Have a great weekend guys, and pleeease be safe!


Katy said...

Happy 4th! You have such a cute blog- the title alone is adorable! I'm having a pretty chill 4th this year- I did make some cookies though!

Gracey said...

aw thanks! Sounds yummy!
My 4th was interesting. Filled with fireworks, fights, and people getting arrested. the usual.

Gets said...

The july 4th picture's so cute! :D Love the cute and casual outfit too, as the subtle nautical theme :D


Anna Walker said...

I love the outfit! it's lovely, and I like the picture 'July 4th' it's pretty cool how those photos are taken!

Viv said...

great post, looks yummy!