Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shampoo review! Sheer Blonde highlight activating

I'm still on a quest to find my perfect shampoo and conditioner, so I'm always trying out new products. So far I've stuck with drug store shampoos, just because I know I can get them whenever and wherever I need them (and they are usually cheap, too).

Usually before I try out a new shampoo or conditioner, I read reviews on it to make sure it works for other people with my hair type. I decided to try out John Frieda's Sheer Blonde highlight activating shampoo and conditioner. I went online, read the reviews, and it seemed to get awesome reviews from pretty much everybody that reviewed it, so I decided to try it out myself.

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On, the description says
"Take highlights from dull to dazzling with the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo with Highlight Optimizers.

Activate a range of tones for a full spectrum of highlights with the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo with Highlight Optimizers"

So I was like, "Ok, cool. This will be good for summer, maybe it will make my blondeness stand out more or something. And it's John Frieda! I do love those products"...get to Target 10 minutes later... "Ooh it even smells good too! Seems like a winner so far!"


I used the shampoo and conditioner when I washed my hair that night, and I was still excited because it smelled really good! I got out, towel dried my hair, went to bed with it still kinda wet and woke up the next morning as usual. But when I woke up, my hair felt heavy, greasy, and nasty. I just thought maybe I didn't rinse out the conditioner very well, so I gave it another try the next night. Woke up, same thing. I used the shampoo but not the conditioner the night after that and it helped a little bit, but it still felt gross.

I don't even know if it succedded in the "highlight activating" part because I was too grossed out by the way my hair looked to even notice.

Maybe my hair is just weird though, because it really does seem to work for almost everybody else.

I havn't lost faith in John Frieda though, because I have used the Root Awakening shampoo and I did like that, plus the other styling products by John Frieda that I love.

Have you used this product? Did you have the same problem or did it work well for you? What is your favorite drugstore shampoo and conditioner?

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Ashley said...

I have some of that in the shower, and I don't know...I don't think it's horrible, but I don't think it's all everyone makes it out to be, either. I haven't noticed my hair being overly greasy when I use it, though...but then again, I don't pay enough attention to shampoo and conditioner as I should...maybe that's why I always struggle with it!

P.S. Great blog!