Thursday, June 10, 2010

Re-Decorating: My current room

As I mentioned here, I am re-decorating my room. I have two trouble corners, where I need something to put there. I also have pretty blank walls that are just dying to have awesome art hung on them. As I promised, here are pictures of my room as it is now. Suggestions from you all are greatly appreciated. I need major help!

^trouble corner #1

^trouble corner #2.

I'm not sure what to put in these corners, like I said in the other article I was thinking maybe a small couch or chair for trouble corner #1. Not too sure about trouble corner #2. And, as mentioned here, I am on the search for cool things to hang on my walls, so if you have any websites or stores that have potential for awesome art, leave a comment!

So basically I am asking for suggestions here. I'm in an interior design rut. Blah.


Laura said...

Your room is wonderful! Maybe you can put on your wall some image of jeson brooks, I really like her pictures!

Gracey said...

Thank you! I checked out the website, those pictures are awesome! I'll definitely keep those in mind. Thanks for the input!