Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ray-Ban Rare Prints

Ray-Bans were awesome to begin with, but now they have their Rare Print collection!

From The Sunglass Hut website:

"Own a piece of pop-art! Designed by illustrators, the Rare Prints frames are cool and funky.
Included in the collection is the exclusive Matt W. Moore model, only available at Sunglass Hut."

Above is a picture of the Matt W. Moore sunglasses (purchase here at Sunglass Hut). I think it's a cool, funky print! It really would look like you are wearing pop-art. I would buy these if I needed another pair of sunglasses, or if I had the money (like, $190 laying around). But, I am totally happy with my black Ray-Ban wayfarers. They are classic and will go with anything. But, I do encourage you lovelies to step outside your comfort zone and take risks such as wearing these. It takes guts, but I think you can do it ;)

Find the complete collection of Rare Prints on the Sunglass Hut website or Ray-Ban website.

What do you think? Would you wear some of these printed sunglasses?

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