Thursday, June 10, 2010

New iPhone...anybody else still using a blackberry?

I just got my blackberry, after my best friend's boyfriend so rudely broke mine in half (accidentally). I feel like I'm one of the last few that doesn't have an iPhone, or that still uses a blackberry.

I like my blackberry though. I have an iPod touch and I had a touchscreen phone for over a year, and I was actually kind of glad when that little fucker broke it. Between the touchscreen phone, the iPod touch, and the touch screen camera (that I don't have just yet but will!), I missed pressing buttons.

The new iPhone does look pretty awesome though. If I was presented with a free iPhone, I would definitely not decline. But I'm quite happy with my little blackberry with a pink back. And it has buttons :)

^my Blackberry

Are you still a Blackberry user? Or have you converted over to iPhone? Or have you always been loyal to iPhone? Share your thoughts!

iPhone photo via
Blackberry photo taken by moi
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