Monday, June 7, 2010

MTV Movie Awards

I didn't watch the MTV movie awards, but after any event like this I always re-cap on the clothes. This is basically just me thinking out loud (or rather, typing out loud...or something like that) about some of the outfits. Feel free to add your input in the comments :)

Vanessa Hudgens- I think it's cute, but it kind of looks like some seriously decked out lingerie with heels. But, I give her props for her cuteness.

Oh, Katy Perry. She so sparklyyy! I'm not sure how I feel about this one, but it's definitely something only Katy Perry (or Lady Gaga) could pull off. Not for everybody, proceed with caution.

Audrina and Stephanie- I like. Audrina's shoes are pretty kick-ass, and her dress and accessories are pretty. I think they make her look shorter though, like the shoes cut her legs off and make them look short or something. Stephanie looks hot, dress is a tad on the short side though.

Scarlett Johansson looks amazing in this dress! I love it, it's such a great color, and it's not too short like some of her red carpet friends.

Looks like we have a situation. The Jersey Shore girls can look really pretty when they aren't dressing up trashy all the time! I think Snookie and Sammy look cute. I think Angelina could use a little more fabric on that dress though. Out of all the Jersey Shore guys, I think Ronnie is my favorite. Pauly D looks kinda like a rat, "the situation" has that annoying 'I can get any girl I want cuz I'm hot' attitude and his arms are gigantic and don't match the rest of his body. Vinny is sweet but he kinda creeps me out. Ok Jersey Shore rant over :) sorry bout that.

Julianne Hough- Love it! It's simple but really pretty. I love love love it!

Shailene Woodley looks so pretty! Her LBD is so chic, and she's rockin' the side braid, which I'm loving right now. (Season premiere of Secret Life tonight on ABC Family at 8!)

Katerina Graham- Too much going on here. The dress that looks like paper, the huge necklace, the bright colored lips, the hair up and on one side, the electric blue heels, and the gigantic ring that looks like a ring pop on steroids. Thumbs down from me.


hahaha. Katy looks giant. It's ok Snookie, I'm a shortie too!

Your opinions? Do you love any of these? Hate? Share your thoughts!
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Igotloveonmy4head said...

Nice recap! I hate award shows b/c they're so blah nowadays. But the red carpet is always fun to look at. And...I'd probably be at Snooki's level to Katy Perry too. I am a shorty as well :)

Gracey said...

Thanks! And yay for shorties!!