Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inspired by: (500) Days of Summer

If you've ever seen 500 Days of Summer, you were probably noticing Summer's cute, summery outfits. She wore a lot of blues, florals, bows, and other girly vintage elements

Photo credit- 1, 2, 3, 4.

Outfit #1

Product info: Dress- Odd Molly, Studded canvas flats- Forever21, Jazz feet flats- Modcloth, Tote- Marc Jacobs, Flower headband- Arden B.

Summer wore cute dresses and skirts throughout the movie, so I chose a light blue (also seen often) dress with two shoe options, both of which are a pretty light pink. I didn't see her wearing much jewelry (unless I wasn't paying close attention, which is possible), so for accessories I chose a flower headband and a Marc Jacobs Tote.

Outfit #2

Product info: Blouse- Dorothy Perkins, Shorts- Marc Jacobs, Tights- Asos, Oxford pumps- Forever21, Earrings- Miss Selfridge, Belt- Topshop, Nail polish- Chanel.

Summer wears a similar outfit in the movie, with a blue blouse and black shorts. To spice it up a little, I added a belt at the waist and pearl earrings with black bows. During the fall (or, if you live somewhere where it doesn't feel like an oven during the summer), add sheer black tights underneath the black shorts. Summer wears flats a lot, but I think the oxford pumps are cute too. (By the way, I'm an idiot and didn't realize that the Chanel nail polish in the picture was a base coat, not an actual color. But a pretty light pink would look very nice).

Outfit #3

Product info: Dress- Matches, Shoes- Tenover6, Bag- Marc Jacobs, Necklace- Asos, Headband- Juicy Couture.

For the final outfit, I chose a breezy pink dress and paired it with light blue lace up oxfords and a light blue Marc Jacobs bag. Sticking to summer's love for bows, I added a bow necklace with pearls, and a flowery headband just for fun.

Thanks for your ideas for this post :) I don't know why I chose oxfords for like, every outfit, but I think they look very cute and summery.

What do you think? What would you like to see an "inspired by" post of? Let me know!


shadesofsarah said...

Gracey: I really like the outfits, but I honestly never remember Summer wearing pink? Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention either.

Gracey said...

Haha she probably didn't now that you mention it. I should probably re-watch the movie. But thanks!

Gets said...

Love the headbands! Haha. I can't pull those off though, due to ridiculously small head. ):

And yeah, it'd be nice if the Chanel varnish was really pink. Haha!

Love your post! :D


Aury said...

I absolutely loved Summer !! That was such a great movie and Zooey has amazing style. Love the outfits you've put together :)

IsauraQuevedo said...

Lovely post!!

Gracey said...

Thank you lovelies :)

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