Monday, June 21, 2010

Computer fixed, first official day of summer!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while guys! My computer had a virus and I couldn't use it for a few days. I think it's fixed now, so I'm going to catch up on posting and reading all of your fabulous blogs :) I am visiting my dad for a week, and there isn't much to do up here so I should be able to post regularly again. He said I could get my belly button pierced, but I'm kinda indecisive about it. First of all, I'm a chicken when it comes to stuff like that. And second, some people think it's trashy. Opinions?

In celebration of the first official day of summer, here are a few summery photos to get you in the summer mood! (Though I've been in my summer mood for a while now!)






So, how have your weekends been? Excited for the first day of summer? Oh, and let me know your opinions on the belly button piercing :)


Aubree said...

i'm either way on the piercing, i personally wouldn't get one though.
but here's something to think about: someone i know got hers done around her birthday last november, because apparently you can't go in water with chlorine (or maybe the ocean either, but definitely not pools) for the first six months after getting it pierced. you might want to get it after pool season is over so it will be fully healed by next summer.

shadesofsarah said...

I legit missed your blog- is that lame? Also, that picture of Yogurtland looks a lot better than the real thing? :) As for the belly button piercing, I think it's more like if someone was trashy and they have a belly ring, it's like see? But so many gorgeous, classy girls have them too, so I don't think it'd be a problem for you. I'm debating getting my nose pierced, actually- just a little stud though.

Gets said...

Haha i think a pierced navel would look totally fab with a cute bikini top! :D I don't think it'll look trashy if you carry yourself with class, which I'm sure you do!

I've been thinking about it for 2 years now, pathetic I know. Lemme know if you want to! (: We can get pierced in our respective countries and update about it haha! Just an idea. I'm pretty worried bout the healing time though, it might get irritated by waistbands and all..

So glad you're back! Really missed your posts xD


Gracey said...

Aubree- Oh that is a good point. Hm. I'll have to think about that. Thanks!

Sarah- haha no not lame I seriously missed blogging and reading your blog and lovely comments as well :) And I say go for it for getting your nose pierced!

Gets- I'll be sure to let you know :) Yeah I've heard horror stories about healing gone wrong, which is kinda what I'm worried about. And thanks you I'm glad to be back :)

Elle Sees said...

I think the belly button piercing is so 90s, plus you only see it maybe 3 months out of the year? Assuming you wear bikinis alllll summer? haha. Good luck though.

Iva said...

that froyo looks amazing lol

Lane :) said...

these pictures have definately put me in a summer state of mind. :)

Fashion Cents said...

aw man that first pic looks delicious lol. i was hoping it would be a recipe post haha

Gracey said...

haha sorry. I'm planning on doing a recipe post on these cookies I made my dad for father's day. Just gotta upload the pictures.