Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chanel vs. China Glaze

When I first saw this new nail polish from Chanel, called Nouvelle Vague, I fell in love. I have never bought a nail polish from Chanel, however, mainly because my wallet cannot handle it, especially with my evil credit card debt I am still working on paying back. Anyway, I really wanted this color, because it reminds me of Tiffany Blue, but I was happy to discover that China Glaze has a similar color. I am probably going to buy it this weekend, so I'll let you guys know how it works out!

Images from Polyvore.

Just judging by the pictures, the colors both look very close to the Tiffany Blue color. The Chanel version seems to have just a little bit of shimmer, while the China Glaze looks pretty solid. However, the Chanel nail polish usually costs around $23, while the China Glaze sells for about $3-$6. For that much of a price difference for such a similar color, I am willing to sacrifice the shimmer. As for the quality of the China Glaze, I will let you all know :).

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