Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CFDA Awards 2010

My favorites, or ones that stood out most, from the CFDA awards

^ OMG is right...

Ed Westwick. YUMM.

Comments? Thoughts? Do you like these as well? Or dislike them? Share your favorites!
all images from style.com


I'm Lindsay! said...

Hi girly! I'm loving the blog! I saw that you are reading Bringing Home the Birkin. How is it so far?

Igotloveonmy4head said...

Anna Wintour's dress is so simple and chic at the same time. Hers is my favsies!

Gracey said...

Lindsay- Thank you :) Yeah I've only read the first few pages, but I already like it better than what I was reading before (L.A. Candy). I'm excited to finish it.

Igotlove- (sorry, don't know your name!) Yeah, I like hers too. it's very cute!