Sunday, June 13, 2010

Be green while you blog!

On average, a website causes .02g (or 0,0008oz) or carbon dioxide for each visit. If your blog gets 15,ooo visits a month, that's about 8lbs a year. The numbers change depending on how many visitors you get.

But, you can make your blog carbon neutral by joining Germany's program "My Blog is Carbon Neutral", Make it Green will plant a tree for your blog in Plumas in order to neutralize your blog's carbon emissions! (information from the Make it Green website).

So, neutralize your blog and encourage your friends to be green while you blog too!

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Gets said...

Omg really?? How? Electricity-wise?

Haha I know its killing the earth and whatnot, but that's really cute.

Gracey said...

The website says it can be tracked back to "the immerse energy usage from computers, servers, and their cooling systems"

The trees absorb about 11lbs of carbon dioxide, so it pretty much balances out your blog. At least I think that's how it works haha. It's kinda confusing. I'm not really a science person.

shadesofsarah said...

I am so doing this! And yeah, I think you got the science right, Gracey.

Aury said...

My blog is green too! Also I was wondering if you had advice about what size memo board to get for an inspiration board. What size is yours?

Gracey said...

Yay that's awesome! Mine is about 21" x 29" for the entire thing and a couple inches smaller for the area that you can actually post things on. It's a pretty good size, in my opinion.

Elizabeth Faraday said...

thanks for the comment, your blog is super cute!
i'll definitely try this!!
oh by the way your title is soooo adorable!! you're a great blogger!
i'm following you...follow me too?


Gracey said...

Thank you!
And yeah I'm following you too :)

Josie said...

I had no idea! Thanks for sharing, doll! I'll definitely head over to check it out.
xo Josie

Diogo Sc said...

oh yeah gracey :)


Gets said...

Aww thanks so much! :D That's real sweet of you ((:

Hope you had a great day! Keep smiling.


Diogo Sc said...

hihi :))

Lane :) said...

that's so cool! :D