Thursday, June 17, 2010

50% off e.l.f studio line

Ahhhh just as I listed elf cosmetics on my lust list, I find out I'm going to be working more days from now on, which means more money. Also, use code EGSTUD on the e.l.f. website and get 50% off their studio line! It was meant to be, I'm telling ya. Minimum purchase of $20, and offer ends June 21, 2010. Happy shopping :)
Another post coming later tonight (assuming my internet doesn't die on me)

P.S. Thinking of doing a haul video when I get my prodcuts? Not sure yet. And reviews, too. Not sure if they will be in video form or post form, but there will be reviews.


Gets said...

Looking forward to your reviews! :D ELF didn't work too well for me though, the eye brightener was hard as rock, and the concealer oxidized on my skin.. Hope you'll have better luck than me! :D Looking forward to your reviews.

Love ya!

Gracey said...

aww really?
Yeah I have the eye brightener and its just ehh but I have some of their eyeliners and I love them.