Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5 more ways to go green!

Since I, and many other bloggers, made our blogs carbon neutral, it has inspired me to look for more ways to help the environment. I did some research in magazines, online, and from friends to see what are some fun, easy ways to get it done. Here is what I found!

1. Don't use google- If you want to look something up online, try either goodsearch.com or blackle.com. Good Search donates 50% of money made from advertising to ANY charity of your choice every time you use it! And Blackle uses black backgrounds instead of white, so your computer is using less energy!

2. Clean out your car- You know you've been meaning to do this for a long time but haven't gotten around to it yet--well at least I have--but now you have a good reason too (other than making your car look nice inside)! If you have a bunch of unneccessary stuff in your car and trunk, it is extra weight which makes your car burn gas faster (saves money and helps the environment).

3. Join Carbonrally- You can accept challanges to help you try to reduce your carbon footprint. You can join a team or make a team yourself. I am currently a part of Seventeen Magazine's team, but I think it would be cool if a bunch of fellow bloggers got together to form a carbonrally team. Comment/email me if you're interested! It even shows you how much carbon you have reduced (assuming you do the challenges correctly).

4. Get a reusable water bottle- Invest in a water purifier to purify your tap water and use an aluminum water bottle. Buying plastic bottles creates more waste and is more expensive. Sigg has some awesome water bottles to choose from! If you cannot avoid the plastic water bottles, throw them in a recycling bin instead of the trash can after you're done.

5. Unplug electronics when you aren't using them- Is your phone off the charger? Is the charger still plugged into the wall? Unplug it, because it is still using energy. Same goes for your hair straightener, blow dryer, stereo, etc. Also, turn off and unplug your computer at night!

I hope you all will start (or continue) to make greener choices in your daily life! What ways to you help reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment? Would you like to help make a carbonrally team of bloggers? Let me know what you think!


shadesofsarah said...

Yay! Great, easy tips. I'd join Carbonrally with you- bloggers unite!

Gracey said...

Thanks :)
And sweet! If my internet decides to stay working I'll probably email you about it later tonight. My internet has been kinda off and on this past week. so frustrating. grrr.

Trish said...

What a great post full of excellent tips! I didn't know about the search engines, so cool! I will totally start using them.

Happy to be following your blog now sweet Gracey! Stop by when you have a moment, I have an awesome Lilly Pulitzer giveaway that ends tomorrow!! xoxo

Anna Katrina said...

oh wow i love these go green ideas and i am actually going to use google less

Anna Katrina

LML said...

i am trying to make my life more green - thanks for these suggestions!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

#1...interesting?! I havent heard of those!

Aubree said...

another good reason to go with tap water in an aluminum bottle (which i do!) instead of bottled - tap water has some fluoride in it so it's healthy for your teeth!

Josie said...

I am ALL about the reusable water bottle -- so simple and really smart!
xo Josie

Gracey said...

Aubree- that's awesome! Thanks for the tip :)

Glad your liking these every one :)

Gets said...

#1's a really cute method! :D Your tips are really useful and applicable Grace, definitely gonna heed them ^^

Count me in for Carbonrally too! I'd love to take part. :D

Stay happy dear!
Love ya!


Lane :) said...

i use blackle all the time! :D but i've never heard of goodsearch.com. that's so cool. :)

Elizabeth Faraday said...

love those! the first one is really good and i saw on some show that you should unplug your stuff too! great tips!


Closet Fashionista said...

Great tips!! My brother told me about blackle a few months ago, great idea!! :D
I'll make sure to check out the other stuff too