Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The world's gone Gaga!

The Brit Awards - Show

I just recently (and by recently I mean like, five minutes ago) stumbled upon this article about Lady Gaga. It is interesting to see just how big of an impact she is having on everybody, including celebrities. And I'm not even talking music here, this is just her fashion. Here is a link to the article:


I admire Lady Gaga for her daring fashions. She makes my everyday clothes seem so boring! I think we should be inspired by Lady Gaga, but maybe we shouldn't take it too literally. I don't think it is appropriate to go to class wearing sky-high heels, a sparkly leotard, and hair that seems like it is alive, but I think people should be encouraged to take more fashion risks and just have fun with what they wear everyday! Now, if you want to channel a Gaga look in the club that really is Gaga-esque, go for it! You might get some weird stares, but hey, would Lady Gaga care? Nope!

What do you think? Is the world really going Gaga? Do you like her styles? Would you rock something Lady Gaga-esque? Post a link to a picture of your favorite Lady Gaga outfit! Tell me what you think!

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